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KioLWEu loon 

(J A/esitg ye.a>L!> ftom now you will be mote disappointed 
by the thing* that you didn 't do than by the ones you 
did do. §o thtow off the bowlines, fiail away ftom the- 
safe hatbot. £ja£cA the ttade winds inyout sa 
Jx plote. J)xeam. J)iscove%. " 

—rftatA (/wain 

(J'able of "Content* 

rfaauttu J 

9fnele*cla6A 10 

genio* J}a6le& 42 

9(ptdexaaxten 60 

(ftom 66 

fiup&datiMe* 70 

fieniot* 80 

$p*Lng. 149 

(fall. 161 

WLnte* 179 

flub* 193 

Ru&ineAA 210 

2 Norwell High School 

faculty 3 

4 Norwell High School 

Support Services 

Ms. Ingeme, Ms. Schad, Ms. Lutchman, Ms. Field, Ms. Scott 
Ms. Boyer, Ms. Rheault, Ms. Mclnnis 

Food Services 

Ms. Mclnnis 

Ms. Schaffer, Ms. Brennan, Ms. Maree, Ms. Hnatkovich, Ms. Kaczmasz, 
Ms. Bannister-Dwyer, Ms. Shlager 

Custodial Services 

Mr.Monterio, Ms. DelPrete, Mr. Shea 

Faculty 7 

Guess Who? 

8 Norwell High School 

Norwell High School 9 

Norwell High School 17 


Andrew Puricelli Michael Rapa Heather Reed 

18 Norwell High School 

freshmen f f ? f 



Elizabeth Tavares 


Rachel Thomas 

Nicholas Thomson 

Kevin Tierney 

Casey Tobin 

Kristina Williams 
20 Norwell High School 

Lauren Winn 

Leyla Ziad 

$ophomore$ fw\i 

Michelle Bain Diana Berlo Lindsay Bohan David Boutross Belinda Bowering 

Richard Cammett Daniel Campanelli 

Norwell High School 21 

Brett Cleaves 

Taylor Cleaves 

Zacharv Clemence 

Margaret Clune 

Steven Cole 

Laura Garvey Thomas Genatossio William Graefe Michele Granara Holly Guastalli 

Norwell High School 23 


Nicholas I lough 

24 Norwcll llieh School 

fustin tvas 

Adam Jacobs 


Christina Koutrobis 

Kathleen Kramer 

lason Kulik 

Andriy Kravshuk 

Kyle Laffin 

Molly Lauria 

Matthew Lawrence 

Arline Litchfield 

Margot Littlehale 

Rose Lombardo 

2b Norwell High School 

Nathan Morena Zachary Morrison Alyssa Murphy Mikaela Murphy Shannon Murphy 

Norwell High School 27 


Taylor Murphy 

Rory Nolan 

Nicole Nonomura 

Patrick O'Brien 


Andrew O'Donnell 

Meaghan Quinn 

John Rahman 

28 Norwell High School 

$ophomore$ f^f 

30 Norwell High School 

Tait Ekblaw Cassie Ferris 

Norwell High School 33 

Norwell High School 35 

Dear Andrew, 
1 am so very proud of the man you 
have become. I love you always. 


"Go confidently in the direction of 

your dreams. Live the life you have 


Henry David Thoreau 

You have been a constant joy in 

our lives! 

Love and Happiness always, 
Mom, Dad, and Tim 


You have carved out your own 
path and followed it well. Thank 
you for being such a wonderful 
daughter, granddaughter, and sis- 
ter. You are our hero! 

Mom, Dad, Stephen, and Mamie 

CongratuaMons Kevin! 

We are all proud of you. Good 

luck in whatever you do. 


Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Sean, and 

Dear Sean, 

Keep on smiling, be happy, all our 


Mom, Dad and Brendan 


You have grown from the cute 
little girl with the ponytail curls 
into a beautiful young lady. With 
your compassion for others, your 
willingness to work hard, and your 
strong determination, the future 
is yours to be whatever you want 
it to be. With all our love and pride 
we wish you the best! Congratula- 

Mom, Dad, and Chris 


Whatever you set your mind to, 
you can do it. You've proven that 
to us many times. We couldn't be 
prouder. Kepp that sense of hu- 
mor and smile always. 

Mom, Dad, Amanda & Andrew 


If I could dream a son, I wouldn't 
be able to dream one as great as 

We love you. Best of love & luck in 
your life. 
Mom & Dad 

42 Nonvell High School 


Watching you grow into the 
beautiful and exceptional woman 
you've become has been our great- 
est joy. Always believe in your- 
self; the power you hold will make 
a difference. The world awaits you; 
make every moment count! 

With all our love, 
Mom & Dad 

Dear Christian, 

We have watched you grow from 
a little boy into an intelligent, sen- 
sitive person with a strong social 
conscience. We are proud of you! 
You have shown us that you can 
set a goal and then do what needs 
to be done to achieve that goal. So 
the sky is the limit- You are now 
embarking on a wonderful adven- 
ture! Remember we will always 
be behind you- 100%. 

Mom, Dad, Heather,Laura, Rusty, 
Luna, and Tyler, the wonder dog 

My Dearest Devon, 

Your quiet presence has 
brought me infinite joy and pride. 
A thoughtful, kind, bright, and 
beautiful young woman- I am so 
proud of you. 

Congratulations on your gradua- 
tion. Do you have a job lined up? 


We are so proud of all your 
accomplishments. You have 
worked tirelessly to achieve. May 
your dreams become reality. 

Mom, Dad, & Jess 


We are so proud of what you 
have accomplished and who you 
have become. 

With all our love, 
Mom and Dad 

" Ka te the Grea t"- Your name from 
birth foretold the mark you'd leave 
on earth: talent, wit, kindness, and 
caring stubbornness; drive, & a 
little daring reach for the stars, 
meet every test. All through life 
may you be truly blessed. We love 

Mom, Dad, Tim, & Kevin 

From Miss Ponytails to a beautiful 
young woman blessed with com- 
passion, determination and integ- 
rity. You have made us all proud. 
Keep that wonderful work ethic 
and dedication. 

We love you Niffy, 

Mom, Dad, Steven & Nan 

"Another turning point, a fork 
stuck in the road. Time grabs you 
by the wrist, directs you where to 
go."- Green Day 

Jeremy, as you face this turning 
point in life; high school to col- 
lege, Norwell to the world, child 
to man, know that we are so very 
proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 

"If you can dream it, you can do 
it." -Walt Disney 




We have enjoyed watching you 
grow into a beautiful and excep- 
tional young woman. Your drive 
and determination, compassion, 
and love for life will continue to 
bring you success in whatever path 
you choose. 

Mom, Dad, The Bails & The 


D ear Mikka. 
Can you believe it... 
Your graduation day has finally 
arrived - Congratualtions! 
Now you're off to a whole new 
adventure. Work hard for your 
dreams, believe in yourself and 
always remember, you have all 
our lifelong love and support be- 
hind you every step of the way. 
Love Always, 
Mom, Dad & John 

Sam - Son - Brother - Friend, 
You've brought us so much joy 
love, happiness and pride. Follow 
your dreams. Let the journey be- 
gin now! 

Much love always, 

Mom, Dad, Sarah & Suzanne 


From the "singing baby" to 
"Booki", where did the years go. 
But for every ending there is a new 
beginning and always know 
"when to hold them and know 
when to fold them." The best is yet 
to come! Congratualtions! 
With much love and pride, 
Mom, Dad, Lyndsey & Brendan 



You are so special and precious to 
us. You are our joy and we are so 
proud of you. Not only because of 
what you have done, but for what 
you will do. Wherever you will go 
and whatever you will do, just 
remember you will always be our 

Dad, Mom, Arthur and Heather 


The mischievous one, always kept 
us on our toes, always keep us 
laughing. "You're redonk-u-lous!" 
"You da bomb!"- 
You are our bright and shiny star! 
We are so proud of the beautiful 
person you are. Continue to touch 
others lives with your gentle kind- 
ness and laughter, and you will 
make the world a better place. 
We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Brooke & Shadow 


Thank you for all the pride and joy 
you bring to our lives. May you 
always be happy, and may all of 
your dreams come true. We will 
forever be your greatest fans. 

Mom, Dad, and Tracey 


May your life be as happy and com- 
plete as you have made ours. 
Dream great dreams and be true to 
yourself. We love you and are so 
proud of you. 

Mom, Dad & Jackie 

44 Noruvll High School 

Dear Ian, 

Your low-key manner disguises a 
determination that runs deep. We 
love you, we are very proud of 
you and we wish you every suc- 


Mommy, Daddy, Evan (and 


You are strong, focus 
and unique person. Yoi 
attitude and determination will 
take you wherever you desire. 
Love always, 
Mom & Dad 

The sky's the limit. Go get 'em, 



Dad, Mom, Chris & Jeff 

Our little suprise miracle. Thank 
you for the many years of joy and 
laughter that you brought to our 
lives. After two princes we finally 
got our princess. May God bless 
you and your future. 

Mom, Dad, Morgan & Garrett 

Dear Lara, 

You are strong, beautiful, and 
unique. ..and constantly show us a 
wonderful new view to life. We 
now, proudly, share you with the 
world. You are, and always will 
be, our special gift. 
Much love, 
Dad, Mom & Emilee 


It's amazing how, like your broth- 
ers, you continue to blossom into 
the beautiful young adult you were 
meant to be. You are brimming 
with compassion, empathy, gen- 
erosity and a deep and humane 
wisdom that belies your years. We 
are all so very proud of you, and 
know you will go onto do great 
things! God bless you! 

Mom, Dad, Ken & Greg 


Your compassionate, caring, and 
forgiving qualities make you a 
special girl. We are so proud of 

Love always, 
Mom & Dad 


We are proud of the person you've 

become and all that you can be. Go 

for your dreams, there's nothing 

holding you back from achieving 

everything you want. 

Love always, 

Dad, Mom, Erin and Bill 

Babies 45 


In 1986 we were hopeful. 
Immcdiatley we were 

Later we were astounded 
Now we are completly 


Congratulations Sweetie! 
We are so proud of you! 
Keep reaching for the stars! 

Mom. Dad & Sarah 



Dear Courtney, 
Where have the years gone?lt seems 
like yesterday that you were starting 
school. It was so difficult putting you 
on that school bus! Now you're gradu- 
ating and moving on. We know that 
you will be a success in all that you do. 
We have watched you become a strong, 
caring, intelligent, beautiful young 
woman. You have a bright, promising 
future.We all love you so much and 
wish you the best as you continue your 
education. You know we will be cheer- 
ing you on all the way! 
Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Brittany, and Robbie 

Congratulations, Curt 
We all love you! 



Our premie baby is all grown up. 
You are truly our miracle child. Be 
happy and make everyone else 
happy. Love you so much. 
Ma, Balia and Didi 


Strive for excellence in all areas of 

your life. Never stop learning and 


With pride and love, 

Mom, Dad & Lexi 


Keep your positive outlook and 
love of life and happiness will fol- 
low you and everyone around you. 

Morn &Dad 


I lappiness is getting dressed up 
and driving a hot car - Turn your 
face to the sunshine and all the 
shadows fall behind. Make your 
dreams come true. 

Mom, Dad, Kiyomi, Shaq & 


We are so proud of you. Your per- 
sonality and perseverance will take 
you wherever you want to go. 

Mom, Dad & Dan 

4b Nomvll High School 

Dear Terrence, 
We knew how special you were 
right from the start. You continue 
to prove it in every way! We love 

Mom, Dad, Lindsay & Paul 


We have enjoyed wa tching you go 
from dolls, dress up to distance 
running. We are very proud of the 
woman you have become. Be 
happy and continue to work hard. 
We look forward to watching you 
pursue your dreams, 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations, Alexander 
With our love and best wishes! 
Mom & Dad 

You may wonder at the universe 
but as for me, I know why the sun 
rises! it is because SHE wills it so. 

A strange thing it is to see all the 
hope, indeed all the promise of the 
future laid bare in one tiny being. 
Today, I still see that promise, my 
daughter and I am the keeper of 
that hope. 
We love you. 

Success comes to those who never 
stop trying. Reach for the stars. 

Marc, last but not least! 
Your gentle heart and many tal- 
ents will take you far. We're proud 
to be a part of your life. 
Love and affection, 
Mom, Dad, Amy, A.J., Thomas and 

f 1 


Thank you for being the best 
daughter any parents could ask 
for. We are so very proud of you. 
Remember to live your dreams and 
follow your heart. We'll love you 
forever. We'll like you for always. 

Mom, Dad, Matt, McDougall 


You have brought us so much joy 
and we are so very proud of you. 
May your life be filled with all the 
happiness that you deserve. 
We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Nicole, Katie &Kelly 

We will miss you James, the house 
will be so quiet. Believe in your- 
self . We do. Congra tua 1 Hons, best 
wishes, and love, 
Mom, Dad, Kate, Lindsay, and 

Babies 47 

Dear Lizzie, 

You are finishing only the first 
chapter of the exciting book of your 
life. We can't wait to turn the page 
and see what's next. Believe in 
yourself as we believe in you. 

All our love 

Mom, Dad,Sam,Doug,& Pretty 


Every choice you've made 
Everything you've done 
Always has made me proud. 
As you embark upon this new 
chapter in life my pride in you can 
only grow. 

Mom, Cookie, and Morgan 


We are so proud of all you have 
accomplished. Know you have 
given us great joy. Good luck and 
great happiness in college and be- 


Mom, Dad & Erin 

To our son, 

We are so proud of the young 
man you have become. May your 
life be blessed with good fortune 
and good health. We love you so 


Mom,Dad,Chad,Lisa,& Sonny 

You should roam in places that 
are your own, that arise in accor- 
dance with your own true nature. 
And what is the place that is your 
own? It is the forest of ardent clear- 
ness and mindfulness, where dis- 
content and greed are put aside 
for the sake of the world. That is is 
your own place, your natural 
range, your soul's happiness. 


You are a unique and talented 
individual. We have admired your 
accomplishments and know that 
many more are in your future. We 
are very proud of you. 

We love you! 
Mom &Dad 


Our beautiful baby, gone are 
the days when you would spin in 
your dresses and hold my hand in 
the car. How I wish we had those 
days again. Mally follow your 
heart, we know you have big one. 
Always remember how much you 
are loved, and how special you 
have been to us. 

love and kisses, 
Mom & Dad 


Our wonderful son who con- 
tinues to fill our lives with love, 
happiness, and joy. We love you 
more than you will ever know. It 
has been a pleasure to watch you 
grow each and every day and we 
are so very proud of the person you 
have become. Don't ever change 
who you are. Enjoy what the future 
has to bring and we wish you all 
the best in your new adventure. 


Mom, Dad, Lauren & Leah 

48 Nonivll High School 

Cherished daughter, big sister., 
best friend. We're so blessed to 
have you in our lives. Yours is a 
good heart. Trust it as you walk 
your path... And know that wher 
ever it leads, We'll be with you. 

With all our love always, 

Mom, Dad, and little brother 

Congratulations Tom! 
Now you really are on your way! 
As the road unfolds before you 
don't hesitate to make the most of 
life's great journey. Don't be afraid 
to take the road less travelled and 
know that there will be some speed 
bumps and detours along the way. 
Stay true to your course and know 
that we love and will always be 
proud of you. 

Guess who? The past is prologue 
to the future. Of course- Its Ben 
King, tapping out a tune on the 
piano on Christmas day with his 
brand new " TOOT TOOTER" 
Safely under his arm. Go Ben! 


May you always have confi- 
dence, strength, determination, 
faith, pride in your heritage, and 
love in your heart, to achieve all 
your dreams. 

Me poli agape 

Kai filakia, 
Mom, Baba, Panagiota, Christina 
& Christo 


As you continue on life's journey, 
always remember to trust your 
instincts, follow your dreams, love 
what you do and do what you 
love. I admire you for the wonder- 
ful, compassionate, independent, 
individual that you are. 
Love always, 


Believe in yourself; 
Find the best that is. 
Let your spirit prevail; 
Steer a course that is true. 

Dad, Mom, Katelynn,Kyle, and 

Dear Joey, 

Got game? Life does. 

For many, its a matter of keeping 


That is not the way for you. 
For in the end it's not your victo- 
ries or losses that will count, but 
rather how well you played in liv- 
ing your life for others. 
Our pride in you grows daily. 

We love you forever, we like you 
for always... 

Mom, Dad, Jenn, Pattic.and Spot 


As you take these next important 
steps shoot for the moon and if you 
miss you will still be among the 
stars. We're so proud of you. 
Love, m 
Mom, Dad, John MichaeLKariana, 
& Max 

Babies 49 


The music you surround vour 
life with is as bright and beautiful 
as you are. We are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, John Michael, Kali, & 


If you would rule the world qui- 
etly, you must keep it 
amused. ..Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Your view of the world is priceless 
Britt... Your talents will make it 

It has been our honor to raise you; 
who knew it would go so fast? 
All our love, 
Your family 


We love you and are very 
proud of the man you have be- 
come. We know you will succeed 
in all that you do! 

Mom & Dad 


You've always filled our home 
and hearts with joy and laughter. 
We love you and we are proud of 


Mom, Dad and Elise 


We are very proud of all you have 
accomplished, and excited about 
what is ahead for you. Stay fo- 
cused on your goals, and they will 
be yours. Use your gifts to make a 
difference in your world. Remem- 
ber, life is often shaped by the 
choices we make. 

Mom, Dad, & Hilaire 


You are the sunshine of our lives! 
We're so proud of the wonderful 
young woman you've become. 
Whatever road you choose, keep 
that positive attitude, remember 
you are special to us and trust God 
in all things. 
We love you, 
Mom and Dad 


How can we tell you how much 
we love you in a couple of sen- 
tences? You have been the light of 
our lives since the moment we 
saw you. You are a wonderful 
daughter and we are so proud of 
you! Wishing you happiness, love 
and peace. 

Mom and Dad 


Make new friends, have new ad- 
ventures, explore the world around 
you, and remember how much you 
are loved at home. Thank you for 
all the joys of watching you grow. 

Dad, Mom, and Brian 

50 Noruvll High School 

"What lies behind us 

And what lies before us 

are small matters compared to 

what lies within us."- Ralph Waldo 


Congratulations Josh and the class 

of 2004! 

Love from, 

Mom, Dad,& Jonathan 

r ^ 1 


Seems like yesterday that you were 
our "baby" and now you are a 
wonderful young man. Keep that 
dimpled smile, twinkle in your eye, 
and your great dry sense of hu- 
mor. Explore the world, but re- 
member your roots. Work hard, 
play often, and be true to yourself 
wherever life may lead you. We 
all love you. You bring us great 

Mom, Dad, Douglas,& Kevin 


You have made us so proud! 
You have always seen life with a 
different eye. Never let that 
change. We wish you the best as 
your journey begins. Live the ad- 

Mom and Dad 


You have brightened our lives 
with your smile. The stars are shin- 
ing bright for you, pick one and go 
for it. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, DJ, Eric,& Diane 

Shenley Snow, 

You have always been ready for 
anything, now you are ready for 
the world. Jump right in! 
You will do well in anything you 

We love you to pieces, 
Mom, Dad, Sean & Eli 

Cole Liz, 

Your strength and compassion 
are limitless. Stay focused and 
enjoy all your achievements. We 
love you always! 
Mom, Dad, & Jesalyn 

"l hope you still feel small when 
you stand beside the ocean. When- 
ever one door closes I hope one 
more opens. I hope you dance. "- 
LeAnn Womack 

We love you very much, 
Mom,Dad,& Brian 

May all your special talents keep 
you reaching for the stars. Be good, 
be smart, most of all- 
Be happy! 

We love you monkeyface! 
Dad, Mom, Nate, & Alex 

Babies 51 

D ear Devo, 

"Hold on"... to what you've got... 
it is a rave find! Thanks for keep- 
ing us smiling and for just being 
Deven. You have made it so easy 
for us to be proud! 
We love you, 

Mom, Peetski, Poop, C, and Mik 


This is your year 
Your world awaits you 
Go forth without fear 

You bring laughter and smiles 

This you've done with caring and kindess 

Use this to carry you through the miles 

All the falls and doctor stitchings 
We lived through them all 
Even the Bugs Bunny bitchings 

Go forth and find your pleasure 
The whole world awaits you 
Always remember you are treasure 

We love you. 
Dad, Julie, Isabelle, Derek, Dakato, & Bun- 

From the tooth fairy to Tahoes! 
Where has the time gone? We're 
very proud of you Rob. You're a 
terrific son with a smile to melt 
our hearts. May you future be filled 
with happiness and success. 

Mom and Dad 


You are a one of a kind guy, in a 
very good way :) When the time 
comes to chase your dreams, 
go. ..dream... laugh... and love with 
all your might. Don't do anything 
half way. And remember, there 
will always be a place at our table 
for you. 

Mom & Dad 

" Some Suceed because they are 
destined to, most succeed becasuse 
they are determined to." 


We are so proud of the sweet little 
child that you were, and the 
beautiful young woman you have 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Peter, Evan, & Emma 

Dear Mollie, 

There is a big huge world wait- 
ing for you explore it knowing 

how much we love you and how 
very proud we are of you. 

Thank you for never causing 
us a day of worry and for making 
the right choices. Thank you for 
being a wonderful daughter and 

Be happy. Stay safe. Be true to 
yourself. Love. Be loved. 

Dad, Mom, and Ryanne 

To our "Carrie Cupcake", 
Congratulations to you and all you 
have accomplished! You are very 
special to us; we hope all your 
dreams come true! 
With love, 

Papa, Mom, Julie, Julie & Matt 


You've always been the little girl 
that "could", and not afraid to try. 
We're proud of you and always 
will be. 

Mom, Dad, Micah, Sam, Javan, 
Bettina, and Tiffany 

52 Nonvell High School 


Born on Valentine's Day 1986, 
there's yet to be a more 
memorable valentine. Be assured 
we love and support you in all you 
do. Be true to yourself. The best is 
yet to come. 

Mom, Dad & Geoff 

We all love you- 
You're the bomb! 

Courtney, Allison, Ashley, Mom 
& Dad 

Dear Tina, 

YOU DID IT! Hard to believe my 

baby's graduating from high 

school. I'm very proud of you. 

Good Luck to you always. I love 



Just one look!! 

On eagles wings you will soar. 
You are our inspiration. 
Mom & Dad 


You are the spark of life that 
kindled the fire within us all. May 
the embers glow always, to re- 
mind you of the warmth we feel 
when we are with you. 
The Clan 


The picture tells it all. You are the 
happiest, most adorable and lov- 
ing son anyone could ask for ( and 
you still are). No wonder we took 
you to Disney 1 6 times! ! We are so 
proud of you. You are everything 
to us! 

Mom, Dad, and Alicia 

Babies 53 


You are a special spirit who 
has brought much joy into our 
lives. We are very proud of all 
your accomplishments. May love 
and happinessalwaysbe with you 
as you go on this life's journey of 
experience and discovery. And 
remember to write home. 


Mama & Papa 

You're amazing! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Emily,& Liza 


Congratulations on a job well 
done! We are very proud of you! 
You have met many challenges; 
made great achievements. Remain 
sure. Be you. Stay the course. ..Oh, 
the places you will go! 

Love always, 
Mom & Dad 

We're glad you've always re- 
membered, Alex, that life is not a 
spectator sport. Long may you run. 

We will always love you, 
Mum, Dad, Abby, Nick, and 

Congratulations Chris, 

We're so proud of you!! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Maura, Jazz 
and Berger 


What can we say about a 
wonderful daughter that has 
brought nothing but joy and hap- 
piness to our family? You are 
kind,sensitive, and you have a 
great sense of humor. Your dedi- 
cation and hardwork will take you 
to great heights. 

"Always aim for the moon even if 
you miss you'll land amongst the 

Mom, Dad & Adam 

Dear Matthew John, 

You are our baby and we thank 
you for letting us share the magic 
in you. We are so proud of you and 
all your accomplishments and 
wish you a future filled with love 
and happiness. 

With all our love, 

Dad, Mom, Michelle, Chris, 

Jenna, Lisa, Billy, Beth, and Kesi 

To Terry, 

" I hope you still feel small when 
you stand beside the ocean. 

Whenever one more door closes, I 
hope one more opens. 

Promise me that you'll give faith a 
fighting chance. 

And when you get the choice to sit 
it out or dance- Dance. "- 

Mom & Dad 

54 Nonvell High School 


We are so proud of you! You 
have become a confident, sensi- 
tive young man. Take these skills 
into the world, they will serve you 
well. Remember we are there for 
you and love you very much. 
( Great hair too!) 


Mom, Dad, Drew, & Tucker 

You are dedicated and loving. You 
have taken the opportunities given 
and excelled. You are driven. Con- 
tinue to use your body, soul, and 
mind to accomplish your goals. 


Mom, Dad, Kirk, Bess, 
The l's, 2's & 3's 


Congratulations on all your 
achievements. You are awesome! 
We are all so proud of you. Trust 
your instincts, keep your smile, 
have fun at college, always throw 


Mom, Dad & Chrissy 

Congratulations Kristopher! 

Blessed with gentleness, toler- 
ance, and innocence, balance in all 
things will continue to reward you 
with knowledge, achievement, 
and the pleasure of doing things 
really well. Follow your dreams! 
Believe in yourself! 

We love you- 

Mom, Dad, Mike, Jay & Sean 

Keep smiling. 

Mom, Pop & Bruin 

I'll make this short and sweet, just 
like you. 

Always challenge youself, never 

Reach for the stars, all your dreams 
will come true 



Mom, Andrea, Erik, Aaron, 
& Alysha 

You will always be our 

Best of luck! 


Mom, Dad, Bubbe, Nana Bow 
Wow, & Auntie Fran 


You are the light and inspira- 
tion in our lives. We are in awe of 
your strength and bravery to tackle 
obstacles head on. You are truly 
one special young man with a heart 
of gold. You have already accom- 
plished more in your 18 years than 
most do in a lifetime. We are so 
proud of you. 

Our love and support is always 
with you. 


Mom, Dad, & Jackie 

Babies 55 



We all love you and are proud 

of you. 

Mom, Dad, Liz, & Jessie 

Amanda Jaye, 

We have watched with pride 
as you have gone from strength to 
strength and admire the person 
you have become. You have filled 
our home with your enthusiasm, 
wit, humor, and love, and we feel 
blessed to have you as our 
daughter and sister. 

"The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams. "...We hope all 
your dreams come true. 
We love you very much, 
Mom, Dad, Nikki, Karen & Eric 

So swiftly have the years gone by. 

From a little girl to a woman 

In the blink of an eye 

Love and happiness 

We wish for you 

As your journey through life 

Begins anew 


Mom & Dad 

" Ok, but not today." 


At this moment I recognized 
that you were capable of great de- 
cisions, graciousness, and faith- 
fulness to yourself. You have set 
the mark very high for all of us. 

All my love, 


We are proud of what you have I 
accomplished! Always strive for I 
your dreams but cherish the 
journey along the way. 


Mom & Dad 


We are only the beginning to 
see what a beautiful person you 
really are. We love your determi- 
nation, compassion, and your zest 
for life, but most of all we love 
you. You never stop making us 

Congratulations, Good luck, 
and we love you! 
Mom, Dad, & Allison 


We are so proud of the won- 
derful person you have become, 
full of promise for the future. Al- 
ways remember: "What happens 
to us doesn't matter nearly as much 
as what happens in us." —Stokes 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, & Jared 


I waited a long time for God to bless 
me with you. From the moment you 
were born and I held you for the first 
time, I knew you were going to be a very 
special child with unique qualities. You 
have grown up to be a beautiful, sensi- 
tive, caring young lady with a great gift 
to enjoy life. Samantha, put your dreams 
and goals on a pedestal and always 
reach to improve in life. Whatever deci- 
sions you make, we will be there right 
behind you. You have always made us 
proud, so just leave life in God's hand 
and for sure you will suceed. 

We love you very much, 
Mom & Dad 

56 Norioell High School 


We are so proud of who you 
have become. Follow your dreams 
and keep on smiling because the 
future is bright. 


Nanay, Tatay, Ate, Nanang, 
Tatang, Auntie Amy, Uncle 
Jim & Uncle Tony 

Hijo Mio, 

Adquiere sabiduria 
adquiere intelogencia, 
no te olvides ni te 
apartes de las razones 
de mi voca 

No la de jes y ella te guardara, 
amala, y te conservara. 

Mama ( Maribel), Papa (Andy) 


In our hearts you'll always be 
our baby girl. You make us very 
proud that you are ours. We wish 
you success, love, and peace as 
you begin your life's next adven- 
ture. We love you so... 

Mom, Dad, Cori, Katie & Claire 

Dears James, 
Watching you grow into the young 
man you are today is a treasure 
gift. We are so proud of your 
creative, intelligent, and caring 
spirit. Follow your dreams. ..keep 
smiling... and enjoy the journey! 
Love you always, 
Mom, Dad, Chris and Madison 

Babies 57 


Not so long ago you were our 
little girl. Now you're graduat- 
ing from high school with 
accomplishments to look back 
on and exciting, new possibili- 
ties ahead of you. As you begin 
this new chapter of your life, 
know that we love you and are 
here to support and encourage 
you along the way. We are very 
proud of you and wish you 
success and happiness in all that 
you do 

Mom, Dad, and Mike 

Dear Meggie, 

Oil boy! Am I proud of you. 
You've done it girl, you passed 
all the MCAS testing, and are 
ready to take the next giant 
step forward into the real 
world . 1 am estatic that you are 
„. continuing on after high school. 

ILots of Love, 
Mom & Brothers & Sisters 

We wish you well. 


We are so proud of you! You're the 
best, keep up the good work in 

Mom, Dad, Shaun, Colin 


The joy and pride you have 
given us cannot be measured. The 
only thing we can give you in re- 
turn is the "love" we have in our 

Always stay the way you are! 

Mom & Dad 

1 kirn. 

May this be only one of the many suc- 
cesses life has in store for you Always 
act with courage and dignity. 


Love. Mom & Dad 


The power of the smile, the 
bright side of the road, may all 
your dreams come true. 
Mom and Dad 


Class of 2004! 

58 Nonvell High School 

Cole School 

Back Row (left to right):Jeremy Livingston, Lauren Hackett, Jeff Begin, Chris Kelly, Brian 
Dorney, Dan Dooley, Dom Massey, Unknown Middle Row (left to right): Nicole Nunziato, 
Abby Smith, Rachael Thornton, Katie Valencius, Maureen Dewar, Katie Choate, Bobby Fox 
Front Row (left to right): Devon Gray, Brandon Ellis, Cailin Cecchini, Chris Hughes, 
Michelle Dewar, Tina Pratt, Curt Alpert 

60 Noruvll High School 

Back Row (left to right): Stephanie Gentile, Andrew Dawson, Nick McDonough, Scott Souther, 
Brian Vickers, Nick Prestandrea, Matt Merrifield Middle Row (left to right): Ryan Laffin, Erik 

Jarva. Will Pye, Tyler Ruscansky, Unknown, Kaitlyn Scott, Unknown Front Row (left to 
right): Josh Mariano, Marco Perona, Katerina Koutrobis, Jenna Zarick, Alex Scott, Lara Dennis, 

Angie Reekie 

Sparrell School 

Back Row (left to right): Alyse Daniel, Dan Melanson, Stephanie Cafano, Dan Rattigan, Jen 
Gramm, Adam Olsson Middle Row (left to right): Matthew Johnson, John Mohan, Marc Bowman, 
Michelle Pushee, Mike Allen, Jackie Murphy Front Row (left to right): Jessica Gilmartin, Liz 
Kauff, John Kelly, Cheryl Lynch, Unknown 

Back Row (left to right): Frank Granara, Shenley Meyer, Kyle Swartz, David Peters, Rachel Cook, 
Sam Chase, Colby Tallman Middle Row (left to right): Angie Bizzozero, Mollie Phillips, Rachel 
Harvester, Ryan Henry, Willow Newby Front Row (left to right): Unknown, Greg Ayers, Jen 

McNabb, Terence Bohan, Joey Lacroix 

Vinal School 

Back Row (left to right): Ian Davis, Tom Kleber, Patt Manning, Lindsay MacCurtain, Unknown, 
Brian Blaney, Allison Cohen Middle Row (left to right): Provan Slys, P.J. McGinnis, Sheela 
Chandrashekar, Jimmy Stearns, Cassie Leavitt, James Finkenstaedt, Simone Burke Front Row (left to 
right): Christina Rapa, Nate Smith, Jesse Finnigan, Unknown, Matt Sammartino, Keith Loomis, 

Billy Barrett 

Back Row (left to right): Devcn Murphy. Beth Anderson, Amanda Young, Nicole Logan, Jessica Tulis, Aimee 

lliggins. Jen Henderson Middle Row (left to right): Courtney Bergquist. Elissa Colton, (ieorge Dolahany, 
Justin Hart. Lindsay Morena. Colin Green. Andrew McClean. Karen Fitzgerald Front Row (left to right): Carrie 
O'Donnell, Meredith Cammett. Chris Pisarkiewicz, Kara McPhee, Anthony Reill. Shane McNamara. Rob 
62 Norwell High School . Weber. Kevin Gallagher. Harry Merritt 

64 Norwell High School 

Our Friends From Abroad... 

TH is year NHS wel- 
comed three foreign 
students: Danielle 
Cornish from New 
Zealand, Andriy 
Kvashuk from the 
Ukraine and rvlaria 
A.gata Miscelli from 
Italy. The shared ex- 
perience of our visit- 
ing friends and our 
American students 
enriches the climate 
of NJorwell High 
School in ways that 
are just amazing . 

Danielle Cornish, Andriy Kvashuk, Maria Agata Miscelli 

72 Norwell High School 

/b'll Miss ^bvi— 

Robert Dargis 

Student and teacher sit ins 
around the flag pole at the old 
high school against the Vietnam 
War 1970-1972. Teaching Ameri- 
can History 1969-1970. Teaching 
Spanish for the first time at NHS 
in 1972. Going to the teachers' 
room to have a cigarette. Student 
smoking area. D.E.A.R. days: 
Drop Everything And Read. 
Mandatory Mid-Term exams in 
January. Three week student ex- 
change program in Spain with 
the then Mrs. Forbes. Great Bliz- 
zard of 1978. My trips to Mexico 
with students and my best friend 
on the staff, Ms. Gilmore. Senior 
Lounge. Turning 40 in 1985 and 
celebrating it with my colleauges 
at my home. My LOA teaching 
in LA during the LA riots and 
great Northbridge earthquake. 
Meeting Mia Doyle for the first 
rime. The first time I attended the 
assembly on the Holocaust de- 
scribed by the Holocaust survi- 
vor, Stephan Ross. Saying 
goodbye to Hank Kowalski. 
Teaching my seniors in 1993 
about the great Mexican mural- 
ists. Gas rationing in the 1970's 
and commuting with Arnold 
Ulbrich, Jim Farrow, and Bob 
Snyder. My incredible 30's when 
I grew up. Growing and learn- 
ing about teaching Spanish with 
Ms. Ward. Homemade Thanks- 
giving dinner with all the trim- 
mings prepared and served by 
Rita Paskow and staff in the caf- 
eteria. Driving through the At- 
lantic ocean surf with five female 
teachers screaming "Go, go, 
go! "Sendng two girls home from 
France after breaking every rule 
in the book that first night in 

Phyllis Dunn 

Working with 3 princi- 
pals - Dr. Bahros, Mr. 
Marshman and Mr. 
Mahoney. Nine years of 
producing the yearbook 
without computer lay- 
out. Many many trips to 
Italy - sleepless nights, 
lost students and pass- 
ports, lots of fun. Smok- 
ing area. 2 Cafeterias and 
lunch duty. Teaching two 
of my three children for 
four years each. AP Virgil 
stress. My "upper gold 
support system" at tough 
times. David Monteiro 
correcting my final ex- 
ams one year. The Gold 
House and The Blue 
House. Barbara Cronin 
welcoming me my first 
day. My wonderful de- 
partment head and 
friend, Anne Rosenberg. 
Teaching in the only air- 
conditioned room in the 
school. Short-cut for 
Latin students only! 
Canobie Lake trips with 
the freshman class. Vis- 
its by college kids cut- 
ting into classes. The best 
colleagues and students 
ever! Thanks! 


James Rogers 

The first - meeting Henry 

I had been looking for a 
teaching position in a very 
tight market and had just 
heard of the unknown 
town of Norwell. I met a 
very kind, caring indi- 
vidual in the person of 
Henry Goldman. He 
seemed to be a person I 
could work with and Nor- 
well a place I could stay 
for awhile - although I 
didn't intend thirty years. 
The last?? - Norwell Ro- 
botics. The Norwell Ro- 
botics road trips with 
Mark Herman and Jack 
Brown have been a great 
time. I've met kids, par- 
ents, community mem- 
bers in a whole new con- 
text, and seen some new 
parts of the country in the 

Stephen Mott 

30 years of memories... I 
remember.... Applying 
for the position of Social 
Health Director and be- 
ing beaten out for the 
job by an attractive 
young doctoral candi- 
date. (They made the 
right choice) - (So did I). 
Being surrounded and 
supported by an 
extrodinary group of 
colleagues - coteaching 
with Mr. Farrow. Way 
too many kids funerals. 
Over 5,000 students in 
my classes, some of them 
second or even third 
generation. Dozens of 
A.F.S. kids from all over 
the world, Jordan, Bra- 
zil, Thailand, 
Germany ,Sweden. . . who 
brought such richness to 
our community. A sum- 
mer exchange program 
that brought 30 Swedish 
kids to town, many of 
whom needed to be re- 
minded to keep their 
shirt on at the beach. The 
"I get it look" on kids 
faces.. .what a great job. 

Norwell High School 73 

• •• 

Oo you remember. 

BigWheels, Happy Meals in the box, Playing 
Marbles, PO&S, New Kids on the Block, Slap 
Bracelets, Care Bears, Ninja Turtles, GI- 
JOE's,Camp Bourndale, Canobie Lake Park, Puma, 
Indoor Reccess, Silent Lunch, Outdoor Reccess t 
Black- Top Recess, American Girl Dolls, Moon 
Shoes, Wear&aurd Field trip, SSR, Clogs, Voyage 
of the Mimi, Hackey Sack, Red Rover,Jump 
Rope,Reading Buddys, "Hug yourself and say I love 
myself",Uh-Oh Feeling, Puberty Night, Home Ec, 
Bus Evacuation Days, field days,EPA, D.A.R.E, 
Rope Course, Power Rangers, Town Hall Dances, 4 
Square, The Wall, giga pets, gimp, table hockey, 
Washington D.C., Flaherty's 'Friend', Emo's Mole 
Dance, Jeremy Livingstone, Jared Tedeschi, 

Charles Bishop, Nicole Nunziato, James 
SabrielleDan Melanson, Jackie Hayes, Steven 
Stanangalo, Stephanie Gentale, Simone Burke, 
Kaitlyn Scott 6j Mauch,Nate Sprague,Abby 
Smith, James Ericson, Dave Peters,Teal Elston, 
Jason Stackpole,Jackie Murphy, Anthony Reil, 
Sam Vinal, Marco Perona, Tery Low, Ryan Palmer, 
Steven McHugh, Beth Anderson, Cassle Lester, 
Dom Massey, Tom McBride, Jillian Barlo, Cristen 
Benoit, James Kennedy, Brandon Ellis, Rachel Har- 
vester, Jessica Silmarten, Cailyn Cachinni, Allison 
Coan, Tyler Ruskansky, Toby Brosnahan, Julia 
Bicunias, Alison Tascone, Jimmy Stearns, Mat- 
thew Johnson, Keithe Loomis, Jessica Tulis, 
Michelle Pushee, Rachel Cook, Daniel Rattigan, 
Shannon Curtin 

Class of 2003 77 

Looking Back 

Christopher Barry 

Garrett Bates 

Robert Beach 

Devon Gray 

Taryn Gray 

Colin Green 

Christian Grindell Lauren Hackett Sean Haskins 

Kathryn Helm Jennifer Henderson Ryan Henry 

Seniors 2004 

Jeremy Hertz 

Aimee Higgins 

Cory Higgins 

Christopher Hughes 

Erik Jarva 

Colin Jones 

Elizabeth Kauff 

Malorie Keefe 

Christopher Kelly 

Senior* 2004 

Scott Souther 

Thomas Sullivan 

Kyle Swartz 

Rachael Thornton 

Seniors 2004 

Kathryn Valencius 

Brian Vickers 

Robert Weber Jessica Williams Richard Wisgirda 

Jenna Wright Amanda Young Stephen Young III 

Reach for the moon; even if you 
miss, you will land among the stars. 


Senior* 2004 

Aimen Zahr 

Haifa Zahr 

Healy Zanengo 

Not Pictured: Gregory Ayers 

Jenna Zarick 

Brian Dorney 

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I— 
I took the one less traveled by, 
and that has made all the difference. " 

-Robert Frost 

Seniors 2004 

"Don 't walk behind me, I may 
not lead. Don 't walk in front of 
me; I may not follow. Just walk 

beside me and be my friend. " 
-Albert Camus 

Senior* 2004 

'Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is 
what we believe. What we believe is based upon our percep- 
tions. What we percieve depends upon what we look for What 
we look for depends on what we think.What we think depends 
upon what we percieve. What we percieve determines what we 
believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. 
What we take to be true is our reality?' 

- GaryZukav 

adjusting to our new high school, the years seemed to fly by so f ast. But 
no w as we continue to reach out f or our dreams, we will all be going our 
sameskyisalwaysabove us and westartedouradventureasyoung adults 
lookedup to theseniorsandcouldnotwaitfortheday when we would 
be the seniors of Norwell High School. Now it is our time to leave and go 
through the doors that have opened many opportunities for us. We wish 


Norwell High School 


Mike, Mi key 

Soccer 1-4 Tennis 1-4 Capt, 
Mock Trial 2-4 Newspaper 1-3, 
Student Government 3-4 

" People come and people go 
But they never know what is going on 
So they gotta try to be what they 
wanna be " -OAR 

Midway concert, hot tub and snowball fights, 
PROPER shoes, racing Rockland kids, crash- 
ing into snow, hanging out in Pat's drive- 
way, rugby chants, football at friendly's 
nightly, pillow fighitng, soy milk and instant 
breakfast, lets go boardin; get down on it, 
store 24, pool nights, 8 days a week? beach 
bonfires, backup plans in life- , all the others 
I forgot. Thanks mom, dad, and Sarah for 
everything, love you 



Hockey 1-4, Soccer 1-4 

What up to all my fellas and ladies. Nick, 
Terry, Mike, Nate, Devo, Matt, Fink, Marc, 
Gilly and to anyone I missed. I'll never forget 
all the straight times. Soccer '03 FO SHO. 
Ain't Nothin like a Hockey Playa. Lastly, 
thanks to my parents for being there even 
when they didn't want to. PEACE! 


"I don 'tdo fashion. Iam fashion "- Coco Chanel 
"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little 
or no influence on society." -Mark Twain 
"Lookin 'forthegood lifedressed tokill 
Loose and loaded every night 
Dancin' underneath the flashin light 
Sayin ' look at me baby, look at me " - Eagles 

Let'ssee...Good timesatNHS.Toall my fabulous 
friends... I love you guys! Winter dance 2002 With 
Rachel Pond, the best dance of my life, AFS 
parties with Amanda, Krista, Jess W, and the rest 
of the amazing people who went to the AFS 
parties. Prom with Hilary M, wow your dress 
was off the hook! Walking in to Ms. Schad's room 
everyday, Miss Field-Best dressed teacher ever!!! 
Nurse! History with Amanda! Going to look at 
schools in Haverhill with Arlene, Steph, and 
Chloe WoW! Having Meg M in all my classes! 
Assemblies, sitting all the way to the right last 
row! Krista tanning on her roof after school! 
Freshman year going over Amanda's house, chill- 
ing with Nikki and Mrs. Young! Coming into 
school late just about everyday! Axis, Aria, 
Avalon, Steph H, New York. ..Liz has some of the 
cutest dresses! Arlene, I love you! I want to thank 
everyone at NHS, good luck to all. My mother 
and father, thank you for driving me to school 
everyday and always supporting me in every- 
thing I did. Mom and dad, thanks for putting up 
with me all these years I love you so much!!!!!!!! 

102 Norwell High School 


School was cool. ya Dad & Bros., 
good times cool friends, peace 


Bates, Ice, Iceman, Master, 

Soccer 1-4 JV Lacrosse 1-2 
Freshman Basketball 1 Winter 
Track 2+3 Habitat For Humantiy 



Erb, Mr. Miagi, Beach, Robbie, 

Soccer 1-4 (capt), Winter track 2-4, 
Tennis 1-2, Spring track 3-4 

"Don 't Take life toserious you '11 never getout 
alive. "- Van Wilder 

"I firmly believe that any man 's finest 
hour, the greatest fulliment of all that 
he holds dear, is the moment when he 
has worked his heart out in a good cause 
and lies exhausted on the field of 

battle."- Vince Lombardi 

Summer at Gaffield. 

MIDWAY CONCERT, fan for life, Football 
in the parking lot at Friendly's. Hanging out 
in Pat's driveway. Astro geeking it up at the 
morning viewings, parking in friends drive- 
ways and getting hit by their mom, water 
skiing, I don't know where this family keeps 
it, halo, recycle bin, " Get Down On It"- Kool 
and the Gang, Bones, breaking stuff, boys 
soccer, NHS Boys soccer 4 life, thanks for all 
the good times everyone, thanks for all the 
great times CJ. Love you mom, dad, and lexi 
thanks for putting up with me. 


Robotics Captain 2-4, Spring 
track & field 1-2 

"It is every man sobligation to put back into 
takesoutof it. "-A Ibert Einstein 

"Idesire so to conduct the affairs of this 
administration thatif attheend, whenl 
come to lay down the reins of power, I have 
leasthaveonefriendleft.and that friend 
shall bedown inside me "-A braham Lincoln 

"From now on, ending a sentence with a 
preposition is something up with which I 
will not put- Winston Churchhill 


Court,Mullet, Chunk, Burkey, CB 




"Above all, watch with glittering eyes the 
whole world around you because the 
greatest secrets are always hidden in the 
most unlikely places. Those who don 't 
believe in magic will never find it. " - 
Ronald Dahl 

V I NA L 'SPICE GIRLS! *FH and Softball 
a tProms, Homecomings, Winter Dances*' 
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't 
walk in front of me, I may not follow.Just 
walk beside me and be my fried." To the 
gang: u know who u are, u're irreplaceable. I 
<3 u I'll miss u all so much*143 Colin*Good 
luck 04, it's been quite a ride , we've come a 
long way together*"Other things may change 
us, but westartand end with family" Mommy 
and Daddy, I love u both so much. Thank u 
for everything, I hope I make u proud! Britty 
and Robbie, I love u both to the moon and 
back. Keep ur heads up and ur eyes open, 
this life is wonderful and u don't want to 
miss a thing*Luck is for the unprepared, 
wish me fun! 


Rupdawg, Whoopie,BabyRupie, 

Decibelles 1-4, Amnesty 2-3, Mock 

" Whatyoudon 'thaveyoudon 't need now. 
Whatyoudon 't know you can feel it 

somehow. "- U2 

" I wish we went to the same school"- Lind- 
say, Allison, Sheela/ Rat Race/ Prom 03 7 7- 
1 1- Lindsay, Aramis/ American Idol- Allison, 
Liz/ John Mayer- Brett/ HW shop- Allison/ 
Mulan/ D-bellebuddies/"No Sissy! No!"/ 
AMN ASTY / Get on the bus/ stress sessi cms 
Jen/"It's all free stuff"- Jessica/ Scrambler 
Mobile- Cassie, Allison/ Benz rides- Brett/ 
struggling comebacks- Cassie/Cookbook 
vocab- Alexandra/ Bourne Identity/ Pros- 
thetic hand- sheela/ Kohls/ Driving w ith 
Liz/ Chem.rage- Lauren/ Squints- Jessica/ 
French video/ "Bye Bye Ms. American Pie"- 
Kali/ Odyssey of the Mind/ Uncontrollable 
laughter- Allison/ "Jen, your mom is here"/ 
Moulin Rouge/ Ice skating/ Ma, Baba, Didi, 
thank you so much for everything. I love 

104 Norwell High School 



Angie, Aug, Bizz, B, B-B 

Tennis 1-4, Basketball 1-4, 
Soccer 1-2, Surfing Club 3-4 

" The road goes on forever and the party 
never ends... the best is yet to come!!" 

To all my friends, I love you guys so much 
and thanks for always being there!! Love to 
all my girls- Jen, Colby, Emily, Taryn, Ana, 
KD, Carrie, Karen. Remember all the good 
times: Winning the Tennis Title in 01-02. 
Brittany Concert with Colby, Carrie, and 
Emily." Homecoming" '02- . "Powder- Puff" 
Ana "So Forgotten"- NEVER Ana. Hey 
Emily...Ya wanna fight, Lets Go!!... WHAT 
ARE YOU A FRESHMEN!! You're a senior, 
so act like it! Watching the Red Sox Series 
with Terry. My senior year would'nt have 
been this much fun without you. I couldn't 
have asked for a better class than 2004. All of 
you guys made my high school experience 
unforgettable. U guys r the best and I'll never 
forget any of u! Mrs. Keating, Mrs. Field, 
Mrs. Scott- thanks for everything, I owe it all 
t o you! thank u so much Mom and Dad. I 
would'nt be where I am now without you. 
Mark and John thanks for always being there 
for me, u guys taught me so much! Love ya! 
Class 04'- Good Luck in this CrAzY world!! 
Alright I gotta bounce Seee Yaaa Laaataa!!! 


Bab, Bri, Brib, Blizz, Bianey 

Soccerl-4,Winter/ Spring trackl-2, 
Tennis 3-4, Math Team 1-4 (Pres 4), 
4), Hands f or Humanity 3-4, Bowling 

"Remember, a dead fish can float 
downstream, but it takes a live one to 
swim upstream. "- Unknown 

Mike + Kleber- Soy milk and instant break- 
fast! Store 24, stealing BU track, 8 Days a 
week, Patriots parade, running from 
Rockland kids. Mike and Helm- Scary Movie 
" Gail wears PROPER shoes," Henry- the 
ultimate five-star. Jean, Mike, Max, Crispy- 
Toronto '03 Rogers ATT Cup, the lady at the 
airport who knew Mr. Wright, and lots of 
tennis. Tim- Dinner with our moms. Jean 
(Frances)- Chem help and rides started it all, 
Take out, Food channel, Ohio Fair and Cedar 
Point ( The Power Tower), your crazy aunt 
yelling at me, "Good!" Hoodies, How to 
Deal, Gelato binges. Italy '03, Cooking class, 
143, love you so much babe, couldn't have 
done it without you, you're the best and 
made high school so much better! Thanks to 
all my friends. Mom, Dad, and Dan, 
everyone's always been there, it's been great, 
gonna miss you all!!! 



North River clubhouse and North Rive Rambo 
style; Takin the T to BC; Ur my boy Wesley; 
Flying Dragons- Bowman; Watchin the stars 
@ Colemans; and a bunch of other stuff i can't 


Booth, Canuck, CrazyCanuck 

Crosscountry 2,3 Basketball 1 
Winter Track2SpringTrack2 

"Itgonna rain!" -Family Guy 

My road rage at driving school. Zoning out 
in class. Calling Jeff Champ. Colin and Ayers 
always so stupid in the morning. Jarva's 
gelled curls. Kyle's Expo Friday's. Jeremy's 
bad choice of words. Wisgirda's ranting of 
Boston College. John and his shanking. Don- 
key Box's. Band practice after school. Noth- 
ing else memorable. 
- later 


Basketball l-4,Football 1,2,4 

" You misslOOXof the shots that you never 
take. "- WayneGretzky 

"I went from fantasies todreams,dreamsto 
biggerthings. "-MurphyLee 

Oklahoma vs. Nebraska game with Frank 
Mohan and Coleman; ordering checkers at 
the Gray's every night; Nick's Freestyling; 
Bohan: Where's Wesley??; Prom '03; Smi tty 's 
recordings; trips to Fire and Ice; Holla to my 
boy Terry and Mike; Top of the Hill with 
Curt; Shooting Stars at Coleman's; Cape with 
Gilly, Nick, Weber, Tom, and Nappy; The 
longest journey of our lives Curt and 
Tedeschi; And, It's So Forgotten- Ana you 
my girl; To all my friends, thank you for the 
best years of my life. Mom and Dad, thank 
you for all the support and guidance that 
you have given me. You have both shown 
me how to become a successful person in this 
world and for that I am forever grateful. To 
my brothers and sister who have shown me 
so much and supported me over the years, 
thank you for the unforgettable memories. I 
love you always. And a special thanks to 
Mrs. Field and Mrs. Scott for all of their 


Steph, Stephie, Stephania, Cafano 

4, Yearbook 3-4 , B-Balll-2, Band 1-4, 
Spring Track 1 

"Forlongyou 'llliveandhigh you '11 fly, smiles 
you 11 give and tears you '11 cry and all you 
touchandallyouseeisall your life willever 


01dSchool*don't steal the money Hack!* 3yrs 
of FH camp w/ prov * BELIEVE* FH gals- 
good luck next season! * Italia '03 (AMAZ- 
ING)- Wakey Wakey*All the concerts- 
RiverRaves,Guster, GreenDay & Blink 
182, Warped Tour'03 , SimplePlan, All Ameri- 
can Rejects , meeting the bands*Jen H-blues 
clues frosh year*all the pre &post 
homecomings,dances, prom'03- wats a tiara? 
*MostDedicatedShoppers4Life-Arlene *i miss 
Good Luck&have funiluv u!* thank u to my 
friends for being there for me. high school 
would have been the same without you. i owe 
it all to you. good luck!* Mom-the best friend 
i could ever ask for, i couldnt have made it 
without you! 'love you forever, like you for 
always' Dad- thanks for all ur support* Matt- 
goodluck in everything!* to the class of '04- its 
been fun. ..LATER!! 


Merd, Mere, Mer, Cammy, Dith, 
Merdock, Crash 

Cross Country3-4(Capt) 
Gymnastics 1, Soccer 1-2, Track 1-4, 

" / am not a sadist... I just like to beat people. " 

8th grade Spice girls, forgetting to finish the 
dance. Lauren, Katie C, and Liz the "cool, 
slick, posse,". Frosh year Drama class, walk- 
ing to Assinippi for pickles. XC NewYork 
trip. Caesar. Adventures on Plum Island, 
with the catamaran (JIBE) & the kayak. No 
shoes in Amsterdam. French trip w/ 
Alphonse Brown, Passoa, & the skating rink. 
Val's cat suit, Fish out of Water, Somebody 
Stop Me, Pictionary . Dance Party USA with 
Val, Kat, Alyse, ALise, CR,& Regg.History: 
Courtney's world, the bat/Crutch, Beating 
Jeremy, "Race Me"- Tom. Astrogeekw/ Mike 
and Garret, venting runs w/ Kali. 
HarryPotter4Life. Mom, Dad thanks for all 
you have given me, I love u 


Liza,Belle,Babiigirl, Quincy 

"Life is only good as the memories we make 

Toall my girlies & to all my boyz ( you know who 
you are)... I just want to say thank u! In the past4 
years we've formed some great friendships and 
made some unforgettable memories & I know no 
matter where life takes me I will never forget 
these times! To Mom & Dad I just want to say 
thank u for putting up with me thru these very 
looong & grueling past few years! u have always 
stood by me and pushed me to do the best I 
could... & when I started to lose faith u were right 
there to restore it. I'll always be grateful! I love u 
both! To Marga & Papa. "second" 
parents.. . thank u forall thatu'vedoneformethru 
theyears.u two mean so much tome! I loveuboth! 
To my lil sisters, Paige, Corinne, & Sophie.. .u girls 
are the best! There's never a dull moment w/ u in 
my life! u're the greatest lil sisters I could've ever 
asked for! I love u girls! To my big brothers, 
Chris& Mark...thank u for all your support and 
guidance throughout the years, I love you guys! 
To my big sis Courtney, I just wanted to thank u 
for being who u are. You've been my role model, 
my sister, and my best friend... and u always will 
be! I love u! To the rest of my friends & family.. .( 
I'm sony that I couldn't mention you all) Thank 
u for everything! I love u lots! Finally, to the class 
of 2004.. .we're finally done! I wish u all the best. 


Chitown, Chilly, Chelsdogga 

Soccer 1-4, Lacross 2 + 3, Foot- 
ball Manager 3+4, Hockey Man- 
ager 3+4 

"Into the great wide open, under them 
skies of blue, into the great wide open a 
rebel without a clue "- Tom Petty 

2004! Yea Senior Girls! Colbs- Kiss me! Ana- 
NoOo invention of the Strongbad! Carrie- 
Daniel!!, KD- You're Crazy Man fuzzy mon- 
key, Fitz- you know DEEP down I really love 
you, Ang- July 4th 02, Aggie- you're awe- 
some thanks for a great year luv ya, Shane- 
when are we going jetskiing?? Mollie Ann! 
Yea Katie Helm! Sammie G- Xtina muah. 1st 
Sox Game 9/25/03!! SSLC '03- yea soccer 
girls!!! Nicole- u have 3 more years HAVE 
FUN, Brendan- forever in my heart and never 
off my mind, see you in heaven 143 "I'd 
rather laugh with the sinners than cry with 
the saints, the sinners are much more 
fun,darlin only the good die young." Rob- 
thanks for always being there, you're an 
amazing person 143, Mom and Dad thanks 
for everything. LATER NHS 


Class Secretary 1-4, Pep Band 1- 
4, Art Club 1-4 ( President 3-4), 
Nat. Honor Soc. Secretary 3-4, 
Peer Ed 3-4, Navigator 4 ( busi- 
ness editor) Track 1-2 

" If opportunity doesn 't knock build a 
door. "- Milton Berle 

I will always cherish the memories & the events 
that I have experienced over the years at NHS. I 
couldn't have experienced it w/o my invaluable 
friends and family! Jen, running to chem class 
early & 3 hour long study sessions on the phone 
before tests, band- collapse of the clarinets at the 
parade,eating my mom's sanwiches in the band 
room. I couldn't have survived high school w/o 
u! Allison, u also have been there all along, ever 
since 6th grade ( with our terrible eyesight), trig& 
bio classes together. Cassie, we are Vinal school 
buddies41ife!I'll always rememberourafterschool 
math study sessions w/ the teachers. Arlene, Art 
club . Italy trip was a blast, especially getting lost 
at soccer game.Clarinet Choir girls, u are my best 
friends in the world! My family, u have been my 
backbone, supporting me through the 18 years of 
my life. I love u dearly! With my precious friend- 
ships, the love and support from my family, & the 
help and comfort from the most fantastic teachers 
and administration, I will always remember this 
incredible journey. Congratulations '04! 



Class President, Football, 
Lacrosse, Basketball, Band, 
Navigator, NHS, Peer ed 

"It is not our abilities that show us who 
wetrulyare.Itisour 'choices. " 
Headmaster AlbusDumbledore 

"Ishould've been a cowboy. "- Toby 

"Don 't mess with Texas"- George W. 

Football, Bball, Latinvid w. Katie, Max, Regg. 
Vidsw/ Mo, Terence, Frank. Aerosmith w/ 
Frank. Froshyear- Marc, Fink, Smitty. 
Recbball- Fink. ACC tourneyinAtlanta- 
Frank, Marc. Patsgames.... STEWY.... 
Max... Joey... Italy.... And many more memo- 
ries that I just can't think of right now so 
sorry if i forgot something. ..Good Luck Class 
of 2004. SUZANNE, SARAH, MOM, and 


Choate, Katie, Beck, Choatah 

Field Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 2, 
Track 1, PeerEd 3-4, JSA 2-3, 
Bball manager 3-4, Ftball Man- 
ager 4 

" Too much of the same stories in our 

I think its time to change don 't you? 
Too much of the same stories inter- 

I thinkitstime for us to walkaway from 



Cole Rocks! Spice Girls w/ Meredith, Alyse, 
Courtney. Meredith- Aqua & incense. Fresh- 
men Posse, Fro, Field Hockey w/ Katerina, 
Alyse, KatieV. Becks forever= Nicole, Mollie, 
Maureen, Jen ( I love you girls!) New Hamp- 
shire with Mollie, Nicole, Samantha. Track- 
Alyse. Katerina- Summer 01. KatieV-WEE! 
Powder Puff 02 w/ Nicole, Jen, Angie, Emily, 
Tina. Nick'sand Nates. Jen-Chris! &Josephs. 
Matchbox20. Used&Finch.Red HotChili Pep- 
pers. James- Cross eyes much love n luck in 
all that you do in the future. M & D- couldnt 
have done it without you! Arthur- my "nu- 
tritionist" & Heather my best friend for life, 
I love you all. GL 04 

108 Norwell High School 


Tim, Timlin/, Mugsy, Timbo, Ru, 
Roberto Clemente 

Football 1, Baseball 1-2, Basketball 
1, spring track 3-4, golf 3-4, 
bowling club 

" Life movies pretty fast. If you don't stop and 
look around once in a while, you could miss 
it."- Ferris Bueller 

Goldfish trick at my house. Nestea with 
R.Henry at Al's. Ping Pong and Family guy 
with Piece. Nomar Camp with Cosgrove and 
Nappy. 1:09 at Al's. Hitting T-Hammer in 
the eye with stick. Al bashing with Henry. 
Al's night conversations. Prom 03'. Young 
Squire. Voyage on lake money. Famous and Golf team! 
Krispy Kreme runs. Random Girl from New 
York. Yuri! Henry draining the battery. Catch 
Phrase connection with Henry. Class '04 we 
are the best! Mom, Dad, Ming, thanks for 
everything! I love you! 


Mike,Mikey, Coleman 

Basektball 1-2 Football 1-2 
Lacrosse 1-4 

Frosh year at my house, DMB- whoops!. 
Aruba w. Angie, Jen, Kris. Frankie "wheels" 
Granara and the lexus adventure. The weak- 
est link with the boys. Vickers- no monkey 
bite- Congrats Buddy. Jenna, my first girl- 
friend. Skitrips. North River clubhouse. 
North River Rambo Granara. Terence- end- 
less summer02 Wesly + Squidward. Black 
Hour. All the trips to the Texas, and the OU 
football game. Oldschool Caddy.. Colby and 
Matt- desperate times. . Study hall w/ Terry. 
Angie + Ana, drop a beat. Angie and the 
Hunt impression. Michelle, two more years, 
have fun! The boat. Katie D- Mickey. Taryn- 
always there. Love u both. Dad thank you for 
everything you are the best father/coach 
anyone could ask for. Mom thank you for 
always putting up with me and sticking up 
for me. Johnny thanks for all the advice and 
being there for me. Love you all, and I 
wouldnt change anything if i could, to ev- 
eryone else, good luck, "see ya lata!" 


Cosgrove, Coz, Cozzy, Booki, 
Boogi, Cosrooski, Rooskbut, 
Butrut, Atcrat, Eggregg, 
Cosmygrove, Grover 

Baseball 1-4, Cross Country 2-4, 
Ski Team 1-2, Bowling Club 3-4, 
Newspaper 4, Habitat for Human- 
ity 3-4 

" Yup. The end of a way of life. Too bad. It 
was a good way. Wagons forward!" John 

JVBaseballw/Willis, all of the Cross Coun- 
try memories,The original Krispy Kreme run 
with Tim and Nappy, wiffel ball games with 
Tim and Colin H, Nomar Camp with Tim 
and Nappy,New York trips with Cross Coun- 
try, Bowling in Kingston with everyone, Six 
Flags Physics Trip, Bowling club, the poker 
tourney, The Snow Bowl and other sporting 
events with Laffin, Higgins, and Dorney, 
Mau with the Cross Country Team. Kenslea 
study with Kyle, Katerina, Scott, John, Al, 
Pat, and Henry, Mod Squad with Scott and 
Gerry, All the good times in Physics with 
Bradshaw. To Mom, Dad, Lyndsey, and 
Brendan- 1 Love you guys. My friends and to 
anything and anyone else I missed, thanks 
for the memories, I'll miss ya and good luck 

Seniors 109 




" Nothing changes your life it only builds who 
i/ou will be."- Me 

Thanks to the krew- Hughes, Barry, Nick 
and everyone else (the list is too long) I will 
miss you guys and I'll never forget you guys 
and the memories we had. I'll never forget 
Norwell and everything I've been through. I 
thank everyone for everything good or bad 
its all a life experience. Love you Ashley 

KD, Daylilly, Dales,Queenie, KD- 
Girl, BatGirl, Roo, Dalybaby, Rice 

Soccer 1-2 Cheerleading 2 Soccer 
Manager 3-4 Drama 4 
PowderPuff 3-4 

"III Remember all the laughter as we go 
our seperate ways, but theresso much 
we're still learning & we cannot be 
afraid. Theres a world outside our door 
& nothings in our way, but if its not what 
we're looking for, we'll meet again 
someday.'" Jack Wagner 

2004! We made it! NHS wouldn't have been the 
same w/o all of u. so many great memories. 
RedHotChiliPeppers.Getting ready before the 
dances! PROM! Car dancing with EmilyM. Mike 
Coleman- Mickey. KrisT-a I ways my bro! ColbyT- 
Lyms! TomS- thanks for always being a great 
friend. Fitzy- Dingy. DevenM-Brink. Mike G, it 
Theres no way 1 can fitall my memories in this but 
I love all my friends! thanks for being who u r, 
dontever change! Mom Dad & Brooke, thanks for 
all the love and support I love you "u da bomb!" 
GOOD LUCK 04!! U all crazy man... i Uke a.but 
u crazy! PEACE 

JSA 1-4, Field Hockey 1-4, Am- 
nesty 2-4, Ski Team 2, Track 1 

" Choose not a life of imitation"- Red Hot Chili 

...There are no shoes in Amsterdam. Tupps 
in the clouds. Remembrance runs. SpIcE 
glrLs! Track slackies. Falling in trenches. 
Wives Forever. JSA boys, bottom three. "Mah 
girls!!!" Digiphoto opps. Plum Island. T to 
Boston. The Beach Ticket. Starbucks. Dance 
Party USA. Monday nights at Visions. Miser. 
Climbing trees and Val's special woodchip. 
Nantasket Summers, school night sessions, 
homecoming '03. Mere stories. Fish out of 
Water. Matchbox 20, The Starting Line 
"StlcKeRs! StariAtari & Pretty Pretty Prin- 
cesses. Rear. Tagurit- "Show love with no 
remorse" - 1 love my kids, thank you for 
being win) you are!- "3" 


110 Norwell High School 


Baseball 1-3, Cross Country 1-4 
Captain 3-4, Winter Track 2-4, 
Spring Track 4, Freshman 

" It has to start somewhere, it has to start 
sometime. What better place than here, 
what better time than now. All hell can 't 
stop us now"- Rage Against the Machie- 
Guerrila Radio 

"If you want it you can have it, but you 
got to learn to reach out there and grab 
it"- Weezer- Photograph 

John Kelley, Jeremy Hertz, Cireg Ayers, and 
Jeff Begin trying to learn in sophomore Math, 
Jeremy Hertz was so hungry he could out eat 
Jeff. Running cross-country for 4 years is 
NOT fun. back in the days of Mr. Kenslea's 
second period class and his beard. Never 
going back to Bickfords after the Prom. Try- 
ing to stay awake in Sophomore history. 
Trying to pass Junior English with Jeff and 
Greg. "Paving attention" in math class with 
all those jokes. Gerson, Eric, Jeff, Jeremy, 
Paul, Jamie, Stephanie, Courtney, 
Kali,Kariana,Cory, thank you all, especially 
you Nicole. 


D, D-money,FNG 
Football 1-4 (capt) 

"Sometimes I can t believe after all these 
years, I'll never leave here. She said its so 
funny how life runs out so fast 
Lets take another drink and heres to the 
past. " 

-Less Than Jake 

" Take you time, don 't live to fast, 
troubles will come and they will pas. "- 

Norwell Homes, no better place to grow up. 
Cole school for life. Youth football with ev- 
eryone. Eating dinner at 7 eleven, all the 
times with Depari and Colin. Sweatin in the 
sun at Warped Tour. Hanging with the smash 
brothers- Devon, Nick, Sean. Conan the Bar- 
barian with Nick and Curt. Way too many 
good times to list. Charissa, you're an awe- 
some girl. To all my friends, thanks for the 
memories. To anyone that has helped me 
along the way, thanks for everything and to 
my classmates I wish you all the best of luck 
in whatever you do. Mom and Dad thanks 
for putting up with me. Chris and Herm- 
keep it clean. Later 




"lam notahas-been,Iamawill-be. " 


I'm not done evolving yet'Second Helpings by 

"Life's a show, & we all play our parts"- Drama 
Club-Festival '02 & '03- every crazy (literally) 
p a r 1 1 ' v e h a d - T h a n k s M r . L a c y , 
BostonTrips for plays & Newbury Street - 
Lollapalooza '03- Lifehouse Concert'01- 
ColeSchool Pride- writing stories- Skittles every- 
day- outdoor lunch- All my Friends- thank u for 
being silly with me. I won't forget the good times. 
Mom&Dad- thanks for letting me be me & thanks 
for making me the best me u could. Emilee- my 
hero onstage, my source of advice & my best 
friend- 1 love u all so much- " You don't give me 
songs- you give me something to sing about." 



"Sodon 'tlettheworldbringyoudown, 
Noteveryone here isthat messed upand 
coldRememberwhyyoucameand while 

Experience the world before you gro wold "- 
The 1 1 armth by Incubus 

Cole School Crew. Italy '03. Summer '01 with Jen. 
The Becks- Nicole, Jen, Katie & Mollie. Drives 
with Nicole. Dispatch, Monster Jam, John Mayer 
& Counting Crows. Homecoming '01 with Matt. 
Fall Sports with Nicole. Mattapoisett days with 
Alise. Maine memories with Shell. Camping with 
Sam/ Alise. McDonalds with Nicole, Sam & Ana. 
Billy. UMass A & VA trip's with Shell. Bumpkin 
Island field trip with Kat, Alise,and Matt. Duxbury 
Beach and Toms pool Summer '03. Is that gum in 
your hair. Gunrock beach days. Study- talks with 
Matty. Frosh adventures with Shenley. Moe and 
Alise for life. New Years Eve '03. Mono. Home- 
coming '02 with Sam = difficulty. Toms box and 
my rocket. Shane = my comic relief, you're the 
best! 1st Red Sox game. Lazy summer days. 
Josephs. "Moe in the house" Rob= my favorite, 
3rd time's the charm, yours is better, I <3 doing 
nothing with you. To MaH glrLs, never forget 
you. Thanks Mom Dad & John. Shell, I don't 
know what I'd do without you. Best of luck '04, 
reach for the stars. 


Poop, Michy, Mich, Chell, Shelly, 

Student Government 3-4, National 

"For what it 's worth, it was worth all the 

It s something unpredictable but in theend 
its right 

I hope you had the time of your life. " 

Hardball, CanobieLakeBusW/ Kleber. 
DispatchW/MoeMattAli. Monster Jam W/ 
MoeandAli. OnTheRoof, Breaking The 
CurtainW/Moe&Ali.RED ROCKET! WOO! 
July4LSPW/SamG. ITALY '03. Nikki, red 
crayon. New Years 2001 w/ Matty. John 
Mayer& CountingCrows w/ Jen Moe Nikki. 
Jr. PowderPuff® Lindsay's. New Year's 
Eve@Nikki's. Ali, American Pie, 
ChemStudySessions& SoJoeNo.THANX 4 
"Yes, Piglet?" " Nothing I just wanted 2 B 
sure of U." Moe, I will always B sure of U, U 
have helped me thru so much, U R the best 
sister/friend I could ever ask 4,143. John,keep 
on truckin. Mom&Dad, thanx4everything, 
ur the best parents& I luvUmore than words 
can say. GoodLuck '04 



Winter Track 2-4, Spring Track 1-4 

"I can 't begin to tell of the years...of broken 
sad, wehadsomuchfun while we were 
young, "-Unknown 

Four years have gone by quickly. Kariana 
and Kali, thank you for the friendship that 
we have had and the sisterly bond that we 
have formed. Provan, it's been great, France, 
and I'll never forget the first time I went 
snowboarding. Morgan and Garrett, thanks 
for looking out for me, and you're both awe- 
some brothers. Mom and dad, thank you for 
all the wonderful seventeen years of my life 
and putting up with me for that long. Thank 
you to all of you thathavecroseed paths with 
me and left marks along the way. 


"Had I to carve an inscription onm y grave, I 
i idual '"-SorenKierkeguard 

onedge. "-Confucius 

"To beisto beperceived. " 
-George Berkely 

men, buttheirjudgementsaboutthesethings. " 



- Henri Bergson 

"II is easier to cope with a bad conscience than 
with a bad reputation. " 
- Friedrich Nietzsche 



Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-3, 
Spring Track 1 

no one is watching. " 
-George Van Valkenburg 


First off thanks to NHS for all the memories, 
from times at the crib to Celtics games with 
Higgs(To the boat- My bad), Trish, and 
Swizz, Remember- Nappy made me do it, 
thanks to camo for the memories,Gotta re- 
member Foxborough in December '01- 
Laffin, Higgins, Cosgrove. And most impor- 
tant thanks to my family (Mom, Dad, Katie) 
for being there for me through the good and 
the bad times. And finally lets just hope the 
next four years run a little smoother than 
these four! 


Leney, Spirit, Shorty, Rocky, Espiritu 

Field Hockey 1-4, Spring Track and 
Field 2-4, Wrestling 1-2, Lacrosse 1, 

"Do not go where the path may lead instead 
go where there is no path and leave a trail. "- 
Ralph WaldoEmerson 

My memorable memories are due to my 
friends who have been there for me. Thank 
you: Steph-you are the best, I'll always be 
here whenever you need me, shopping bud- 
dies 4ever. Jess and Hack- you crack me up 
every time you open your mouths. Ben- I'm 
sorry .Chris-Hehehe, my movie buddy, Good 
luck w/ the driving. Wil- There will always 
be a movie night at your house. Prov-You're 
my #1 choice when it comes to Punk Con- 
certs. Aramis- you sexy thing, I'll party with 
you anytime. Alex- mi bella, I wish you gradu- 
ated with us, Good luck next year! And to my 
family: Thank you for the encouragement 
that you have given me. My mom- 1 love you 
so much and I'm so thankful for all that 
you've done for me and what you've given 
up for me. And to my sister- I don't know 
what I'd do without your 
laughter. Goodluck Class of 2004. 


Moose,AndyFarimoose, Skippy 

Football 1-4 (Capt), Basketball 1-2, 

" What a long strange trip it s been. "- 

Gilly's K.O. on me freshman year before 
practice. River Rave 2003. Late summer 
nights chilling, football practice and games 
under the lights and the long nights after 
them. Mono sophomore year. Getting lost 
with Tedeschi in Boston. Football dinners 
w/ the team. Wendys late nights in the 



Fink, Finka, Finka-Stinka, Sphinkter, J- 
Stain, Finkbags, Stink-n-Fat 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-3, Lacrosse 1- 

"Where I go I just don 't know, I got to got to 
gotta take it slow. When I find m y piece ofm ind. 
I'm gonna give you some of mygoodtime. "- 

Frosh-DMBand. Cape-Deven M hittin' head on 
stool. Smitty's 1-Nate S. Sam C. Marc B. Deven 
M. Telluride-Deven M. Nate S. North River 
Rambo Style. CALI-Deven M. Nate S. Prom. 
Homecoming. River Rave. Weez. U.Vermont 
and riding Stowe and Naples-test and 
ProvidenceC. - Matt S. Newbury St. Advise 
bros-Curt A. Terence B. Fire and Ice and 
McDonough's Freestyles. Red Hot Chili Pep- 
pers. Trinity C-Kris T. Frank G. Matt S. Finch 
and the Used. New Years-Nicole M's and Nate's 
- beef logs. Summers at Smitty's. Star*Land- 
Deven M. Terence B. Pelton's Peace. Ropesvving. 
Terence B. -house then tree. Christenings. Katie 
C- Summer League-Boston Globe, crosseyed, 
wrestling. Thanks everyone-Friends, fam and 


Fitzy, Fitz, Fizz, Fitzygirl, Fitzmorgan 



Robotics 1-2, Drama 3-4 

Soccer (1-4), Basketball (1-4), 
Lacrosse (2-4) 

"Dream on, dream until you 'redreams 

come true "-Aerosmith 

" Youshould never let the sun set on 



my girls- I couldn't have done it vv/out u. there r 
too many to list them all, but u've made my high 
school everything its been+ I'll love u always! 
Taking trips to the Cape. NELLY. ITALY! being 
roomies w/ Jen & Carrie - thank u for everything. 
Brian- stay strong + never change, Prom was 
awesome! Girls Soccer Champs 03, I'll miss u and 
best of luck! Babyshark, Pink Ladies. Colby- tub- 
ing, waduuup, always there- thanks! Ang- learn- 
ing to surf/ snowboard. Helm- having sing/dance 
off's. Jackie- ur the best good luck, u guys r the 
"ultimate"! Mikey- 1st crush. Carrie- beginning of 
it all, 1st hangout in 1st grade. Backyard campouts, 
Superbowl, Videos w/ Colbs, Tarvn, and Carrie. 
I .iss) - here or not here u r alwavs one of the girls. 
Backstreet 8th grade dance. Sinking dingy's w/ 
KD. Sarah- roadtrips. Pant painting w/ Chels- a 
softy at heart! Steve- ur the best brother I could ever 
ask for. Mom. Dad thanks for all the support and 
always being there, lo\ e you. Good luck in all udo 
04!! " 

Cole School Crew Rules. Physics with 
Bradshaw (Celebrity Jeopardy, Family 
Guy, Bowling club) Winter Dance Sopho- 
more Year, Working on the Jeep in the 
middle of the winter, working at trattoria. 
Soulmates Rule! 

My appreciation for those who have encour- 
aged me and believed in me cannot be put 
into words. Good luck to all of you with what 
lies beyond. You'll be remembered. 

Seniors 115 


Sam, Sammie, G, G-toss 

Varsity Softball 1, Soccer 1, Varsity 
Winter Track 2-4, Varsity Spring 

" Only those who risk going too far can possibly 
find out how far they can go." 
- T.S. Elliot 

Xtina Aguilera- Chelsea. Wendy's, DQ runs ( 
AFC)- Greg Gingsburg. Germany!- Shen. Jack 
Johnson- Anakalia. Nelly. Enrique I- Nicole 
Logan. Enrique II- Mollie, Nikki & Choate. 
Hawaiin Dance- Jenna Zarick. Softball days- 
Nikki. Brawl- Jenny Gramm. T. Hannan's 
Truck; Camping- Moe, Mich D. Desperate 
mesaures!!- everyone. " The route"- Eliza. J.C. 
Slater- Alise R. Felicia's house- Dawson. Prom- 
Marc B- Alfredo's- Curt A. Family movie nights 
at the Gingsburgs. Harvard- Anakalia. Get- 
ting pulled over at McDonalds. Discounts- 
Nikki. "WicketGood" RapperCats. Rearr. T.J. 
Max- Moe, PowderPuff (03). Hull Beach- De- 
von G. Love U Mom & Dad ! Good luck Tommy, 
Mike, & Nick. Laurie thanks for being my best 


G- Money, Gilligan, Gilly,Bird, 

Football 1-4, Basketball 1-3, 
Baseball 1-4 

" Over , was it over when the Germans 
bombed Pearl Harbor? No, nothing is 
over until we decide it is. "- John Belushi 

Wiff at the Stadium under the lights. P. 
Funks at Fridays. Nice Runnin boys Mic, 
Sully. Vinal representin! Lugy on the Lady, 
my bad. BoSox Rule. Tubin with bighead. 
Prom. The Cape. . late night shopping cart 
Rally w/ Sully, Weba,Nico. Bridgejumping 
in Craigs slicker, dumb! Blue bomber. Mom, 
Dad, Brendan thanks for everything. Smash 
Brothers 4 life. West Point w/ Sammy. Jr 
Volleyball Class. Foot, basketball, baseball. 
Dinner Helmet Boxing. 


Jen,Jenni Gramm,Grammcracka, 

Soccer 1, B-ball 1,2, Lax Manager 
1-4, Football Manager 4, Hockey 
Manager 4, JSA 3-4, Mock trial 3-4 

"lam waiting for the time when lean 
finally say this has all been wonderful 
but now I'm on my way. " ' Phish 

'04YouGuysAreAwesome! So Many Memo- 
ries. Katie D. Taryn G, TerenceB, MikeyC- 
summernights 02, Katie C, NikkiM,MollieP, 
MoeD.,MoeD-Summer '01, MollieP-France! 
CarrieOD- Italy, Katie H. C'estLaVie! 
ChelsCRoadtrips& hardtimes, Colby T- 
WENDY's, John Mayer/Counting Crows, 
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mikey C- Dave 
Matthew's, PowderPuffCrash '02, Deven M- 
Wein, Birthday® Nate Spraques, All My Boys 
AndGirls I LoveYouAll& Thanks 4 every- 
thing ChrisY-goodluck Onemoreyear! Miss 
you Brendan ( RIP). Kath, Bobbo, Chris, 
Thanks4 everything! Class Of 2004Goodluck 

.3 W^i 



Cross Country 1-3, Winter Track 
2-3, Spring Track/ field 1-4 

good, butnottoogoodan notquiteall the 
time. "GeorgeOrwell 

Massive games of wall ball during family. 
Freshmen gym class with harpoon the wale, 
Blitz! and the Pat the Cat. The freshmen's 
wall is terrible. The Kenslea cult and 
LICKTOWN with Booth, Trekky,Cosgrove, 
Kyle, Jeremy and Ian. Getting banned from 
licktown sophomore year. The failed bocce 
club + failed ping pong tourney. Dave's bad 
idea. Hertz's quote gone wrong. Bother Jeff. 
It's Gon' Rain!!! Riiight? Hertz's tenure at 
the school store. John's random belligerent 
statements. Krispy Kreme runs. Wendy's 
run after bowling. My random term of over- 
achieving followed by a downward spiral. 
Games of Mau on the bus and the ridiculous 
New York trips. Rocks + bee hive= bad idea. 
Thanks Mom, dad, and class 04 for so many 
great memories. 


Chin, Christ, Grundle, G, Grendle 

" You 'relivingproofthatthesystem works 
for them!"- A us- Rotten 

left to buy?"- A us- Rotten 

"Liberate, liberate, liberate!" Conflict 

Finally, I have come to the end. These long 
years of going from grade to grade and stay- 
ing with the same people year after year. I 
leave this regimented and systematic 
lockdown to enter a world where the words 
'diversity' and 'change' actually have mean- 
ing in people other than those pertaining to 
reality. Reality and life is what you live and 
how you live it. Control and system rule no 
more. Be independent and refuse to let your- 
selves be controlled. Live inside the house 
that the people built. Resist! 


Hack, L. Hack 


"I want the world to make me wonder "- 

" Why take when youcan begiving/why 
watch as the world goes by/ it s a hard 
can fly?"-MarieChapin Carpenter 

"HangiiV out, down the sh eet, the same old thing 
we did last week"- That 70's Show, the story of 
our lives. " Believe"- Guster ( good times w/ 
Willow, Steph, Arlene, Jess) Old School! Home- 
coming + Prom '03= best rimes! Devon, Shenley, 
and Jess, we made the best Latin movie! Scott: 
freshman bandits, Rocky theme, office space; 
Chris, sorry for stealing everyone's money @ 
Bertucci's " 1 took the money!" Seinfeld= our 
lives. Jen, chapstick and sunscreen are the best 
conversation topics. Sheela, who else shares my 
passion for Gilmore Girls? " AP chem, it's better 
than death"- best motto ever! Art mural bonding! 
To all my friends thanks for all the laughs and 
memories, love u guys forever! less, thanks for 
always being there, *click* loveya. Mom and Dad 
thanks for all the love , support, and so many car 
rides!-couldn't have done it w/o u! 


Skins, Haskins, HTP 

Football 1, 4 Basketball 1-3 
Lacrosse 2 


Soccer 1-4, basketball 1-4, track 2, 
lax 3-4, best buddies 2-4, math 
team 1-4, pep band 1-4, stugov 2-4, 
NHS 3-4, peered 3-4 

just enjoy it. Life'stoshortto becool. "-S. 

MaxS-positivepals. bloom where uwereplanted. 
mypersonal chauffer. Anthony Regg-. my advice 
giver .red sox crew Jean-one soul.period4 latin w. 
Sharpe + the crew . AnthonyR, Brian B, Jenna W, 
Max S. prom 03 w. Mike Allen, lost in 
Rockland Jenna W, Healy Z, JennaZ john mayer 
02 Jenna Z Mollie P macbeth, patriots parade.Liz 
K toy box times, cookie baking, hottest 30 yr. old 
ever, Katie Val, new years sightings. Italy 03 
MaxS JennaW KatieV BrianB SamC. Ricky my 
Italy walking buddyjen G c'est lavie.Lsharpe 
summer meetings, thank u for ur guidance. 
KarenFitz-china town,singing in thecar, Michelle 
walk walk walk to remember you're the 
flies by .Sam C thanks for the memories..Mom+ 
Dad. you're my biggest supporters .i owe it all to big brother ever, thanks for taking 
care of me.bub.goodlcuk@NHS.iknow you'll do 
amazing thingshere.i'llonlybeaphonecallaway. 
to my friends and family love you all so much. 



Pep Band 1-4, Clarinet Choir 1-4, 
Peer Ed 3-4, National Honor 
Society 3-4, Tennis 1 

goal- unknown .„ 

Well, great 4 years! Band geeks rule! Clarinet 
Choir- keep it up Arline- recruit future members! 
Sheela: we'll always be stressed to the max- keep 
working hard. Fruit cups: u know who to ask! 
Thanks for being such a great friend all the way 
thru. Allison: matching fleece, being attacked by 
thechairs in band. Saturday nail nightswithSinatra! 
Keep smiling& laughing Rupsha: no more stress, 
sleep is good. Comfy sweats on days with many 
tests! Lauren: menta 1 breakdown in Sharpe's class- 
forced to leave the room. You'vealwaysbeen there 
when I needed someone to talk to. Cassie: Waddle, 
waddle! Stephanie: freaking about Latin tests,, 
"chair feeling". Blues Clues!Aimee: you've been 
there with me all the way thru; thanks for every- 
thing best bud. Lindsay+Jess:the funniest people I 
know Joey : you're adorable; never change. Ricky: 
do ur homework! Ben: u will go very far in life; 
famous trumpet player. Benkateers forever! Old 
movie crew: Gene Kelly rules! Mom, Dad, Steve, 
Nan; thank you. To all the people who have meant 
so much to me and helped me along the way, 
thank u. 

Seniors 119 





Suasage,Sauce,Ru, Terminator, 

Soccer 1-4 ( capt); Winter track 1-4 
(capt); Spring Track 1-4 (capt) 

"Alwaysgotoother people's funerals, 
otherwise they won 't go to yours. " 

Goldfish trick at Tim's House. Ping Pong 
and Family Guy with Bradpiece. Chuging to 
much Nestea at Al's. T-hamma and Jackie 
Vick. Walker Texas Ranger. The legend of 
1:09. Gettin Crackin. Smashing Blaney's car. 
Delicious chewy bars. Hendy ! Physics scroll. 
Hiding in the boxes in physics. Al's crazy 
night conversations. Young Squire. The Voy- 
age on Lake Morey. Get Down on it. Loosing 
the World Cup. for all your 
internet needs. Boys Soccer. Yuri, is that you 
Boyle? Random girl from New York. Drain- 
ing the battery. Jackie , you mean so much to 



Student Government 4 Amnesty 
Intl. 1-3 Football 1,2 Track 3,4 

" Winningis better than thenextworse 
thing. "-Bill'spaceman 'Lee 

Fun times in history with Kenslea's class 
freshman year. I was so hungry at the foot- 
ball banquet. Winter track, the indoor meets 
with inspections kicked. But Murray, its 
ONLY track. The freshman homecoming wall 
was no good. Working at the school store, 
with Kyle. Being nice and inviting freshmen 
to our lunch table. Getting higher scores on 
Ms. Fox's tests Thanks to all my great friends 
and to my entire family you've made high 
school fun. 


A imes, A mes, Store, Higgy 

Band 1-4 Pep Band 1-4 Jazz Band 

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of 
times"-CharlesDickens,A TaleofTwoCities 

Meghan& Arline: period 5 JazzBand was the 
best!Always remember Gully singing his 
solo! Meghan: stop laughing&Paul 
McCartney obsessed! To my sophs Arline 
Danielle Cathy: Can't forget last year with 
our senior boys! JenH: thanks for always 
being there for me, especially this year! You're 
the greatest friend ever. My other senior 
girls- You Rock!* And I cant forget my Mikey! 
Love you lots! You made last year awesome! 
Mom thanks for E VER YTHING& I love you! 
To everyone: BEST OF LUCK! 


Higgi,Higgenbottom,Higgs,COJA Y 

Football 1 Basketball 2-4 Baseball 1 
Spring Track 2-4 


The Crew: Laffin, Sweeney, Hertz, Barr, 
Pauri, Green, Dorney, Haskins, Mehtala. Pats 
Game w/ Laffin, Dorney, and Cosgrove. 
Poker w/ Hertz, Pauri, Green, John Kelly, 
Barr, Cosgrove, Kleber, Allen, Laffin, 
Sweeney. Sophomore gym with Lamoth ( 
where did he go?) Countless Celtics games 
with Dorney and Laffin. Freshman footy and 
baseball (never quite got it) Spring track 
with Emo. Dorney: missed ya thisyear, won't 
be the same without you. Thanks to all my 
friends for keeping me sane and always 
laughing at my jokes( even if they weren't 
funny) Thanks Mom and Dad for never giv- 
ing up on me. Chad- one more year, this is 
your shot, don't miss your chance to blow. 
And to all the the ladies: i love ya, i'm sure its 


Chris Barry, Dan Crook, Nick P, 4 years of 
mad fun. Everyone else who joined in, great 


Jarvus,Jarva,Jaaaaaaaaavs, CK, 

XC 3-4, Winter Track 3, Spring 
Track 2-3, Robotics 1-2, Amnesty 
2-3, Newspaper 4 

" Wearethemiddlechildrenof history, with 
nopurposeorplace. Our generation has had 
noGreat Depression, noGreat War. Our war 
isspiritual. Our depression isour lives. "- 
TylerDurden "FightClub" 





you to believe your critics are right. "-Ralph 


We are Men Under No Government. Jeremy 
was so hungry. John Kelly's dressing habits. 
Sketching in class. Ian loves his skittles. Bus 
02-03 GTA+ Bomberman in C++. Going to 
the movies with Ayers. Jumping the rio 
grande. Summers in NH. Swartz's snowy 
mountains + good time at winter track + 
avoid the cars. Junior study + playing cards. 
Jeremy's concert with friends. Calculator 
programs in math. Baseball+ bu ts up+ Cham- 
berlain. Thanks for all your inspiration and 
guidance mom + dad. 


"Who are you and why are you here?" 


Liz, Lizzie, Lizard, Blizz, Lizrael, 

Field Hockey 1-2, Peer Ed. 3-4, 
Basketball Manager 2-3, Yearbook 

"There we stand about to fly, peeking down 
over land, parachute behind. What was that 
moment for which we live? Without a 
parachute about to dive "- Guster 

Auxerre/Paris 2003-listening to Alphonse 
Brown-le chemin-je t'aime*Cruise '03- 
'04*Movie nights*Late night Stuart 
Little*Healy's b-day on the boat*Guster, 
Green Day, & Blink concerts*To my friends: 
Next year's gonna be tough without you, I 
love you guys so much. To all the proms, 
new years', birthdays, and homecomings, 
you all made these past four years 
amazing. *Mom&Dad-I love you-thanks 
forEVERYTHING *Sam&Doug -the best 
brothers IN THE WORLD-" Look at the stare, 
look how they shine for you"-Coldplay*2004 
it was fun*Good Luck'This is the start of 
something good... 


Mai, Mais, Mally 
Field Hockey 2 

"If you love something, let it go, if it comes 
back it's yours to keep, it not then it never 
was."- DM X 

Lindsay, the Hanover Mall. Krista, Amanda, 
Meghan, and Lindsay, Provan being kids and 
throwing carrots at cars, the Rhode Island 
Mansions with the creepy old man in the 
pool, Halloween '99, Mr. Dillon's 5th grade- 
class, calling your house at 1:30 am looking 
for my mom, Hospital with you for brain 
scan, the horse "Chad", electric fence, 
cheerleading and field hockey. Mom, Dad, 
and Keir-bear, I love you guys, thanks for 
everything. Paul, thank you for always being 
there for me, I love you! Congratulations Class 
of '04! 

122 Norwell High School 


Student Government 1-4, Basket- 
ball 1-4, Environment Club 1-3, 
DPS 4 

"Finish each day and bedonewith it You have 
done what you could Some blunders and 
absurdities no doubt crept in: forget them as 
soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day, begin 
it well and serenely and ivith too high a spirit to 
be encumbered with your old nonsense "-Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

There's too much that's been done and not 
enough space to talk about everything that's 
happened over the last four years. For those of 
you who were with me along the way, it's been 
a great ride, and all of you are very special to me. 
And for thoseof you who's yearbooks I won't be 
able to sign: Leah-Enjoy all the great years you 
have coming to you, and don't forget to follow 
through. Lauren-The next two years go by too 
fast, don't waste them. Mom-Thanks for the 
boosts, I wouldn't be where I am now without 
you. Dad-You were the great man every boy 
needs growing up, and the best role model I 
could ever hope for. To everyone else: remem- 
ber Robert Frost, who suggests to take the road 
less traveled. ..but also remember Jerry Seinfeld, 
who says that there may be a good reason why 
that road is less traveled. Carpe Diem. 



Baseball 9, Cross-Country 10-12 
(capt.), Winter Track 10-12, Spring 
Track 10-12, Amnesty Intl 9-12 
(Vice President), Pep Band 9-12 

"Life is only as good as the memories we 
make " - The Ataris 

Freshman year: stuff happened. Hertz in the 
school store, Deep Pockets, The Cu 1 1 of Kenslea, 
Licktown, AP study, Begin in Homecoming 
court, three years of XC, Italy trip, Get on the 
Bus, Pep Band, Physics with Bradpiece, Sopho- 
more history, Colin's downward spiral, Lunch 
gets more and more offensive, Cape Cod, win- 
ter and spring track, Freshman basketball with 
Willis, poker games, Mau, Men Under No 
Government, Abbreviated Memories, Pat the 
Cat, Scott in a Volkswagen, Newton's 
Method=Apples Fall or Something, the Float- 
ing Rads, LaCroix rides the Trojan Horse to 
work, Labeling the Universe. 


Fall Cheerleading 1-4 (capt), 
Winter Cheerleading 1-4 (capt), 
Super Squad 1-4 

"Beinggrown up isn 't half as fun as growing up, 
these are the best days of our lives, the only thing 
that matters isjust following your heart and 
eventually you '11 finally get it right 
The Ataris 

Rachaelsl6/Laura<3'smidgets/Thanx4 all the 
fun times-plenty more 2 come luv ya girls 4 eva 
& eva,crazysisters 4 life/ time rock® recess /cole 
school buddies 4 ever /power puff 02/ Coops b- 
day @ Girls Junk /Murray+ Eugene =best 
buddies/ Linds & Devs my captains! we rock so 
hard!/2mysupersquad-luv ya girl ,it's been 
greatlpasta parties /tping/funtimes/Cooper- 
beststuntgroupever!Cass-ur so strong / friends 
4 eva/surfing/Dawson-Dmoney-my best 
friend /victory laps /Homecoming Dance/ 
Prom/ fireworks /Cole School /8th grade dance 
so pa in full /Work hard like u always do & 
follow ur heart ,just know i'll always love u/ 
Mommy& Daddy thanx 4 teaching me how 2 be 
the best i can be,i love u both loads & loads / Jare- 
my 1 i ttle brotherlur so awesome/ good luck next 
yr-u'U do great! take care of Max 4 me.*kisses & 
remember 143* 






Band 1-4, Amnesty 1-4 

Italy; conducting pep band and funkifizing 
Louie Louie; Get On the Bus to New York City 
to yell"China, China the world is watching 
you"; being a part of Amnesty, the Am-nasti- 
est club around; Band Geek Mafia 

124 Norwell High School 


Kleebs, Dick, Chard, Dr. Death, 
Lonesome Kicke, Danger Boy, 
Mom Tom 

Football 1, Cross Country 2-4 
(capt), Winter Track 1-4 (capt), 
Spring Track 1-4 (capt), Harry 
Potter Club 4, Mock Trial 3-4 

"F is for friends who dostufftogether/U is for 
Out herewith my best buddy. "SpongeBob 

Mid way+Hoobastank concert, New York with 
XC, Hot tub + snowball fights at Brian's, 
Racing Rockland, playing football in parking 
lots, Patriots parade, walking to Assinippi 4 
pickles, writing haikus, Store 24 at BU, 6.5, 
getting a hug in drama, Alise-all the kids, 
going to Canobie Lake, watching Hardball, 
soy milk+instant b-fast, donuts in the Jeep, 
marriage in Vegas, Harry Potter 4 Life, "All 
the good movies don't work out in the end" - 
to all my friends, past and present: You guys 
are the best. I'll miss you next year. Love you 
Mom, Dad, Ted, and Marion. Couldn't have 
done it without you. Ted - if you crash the car, 
I WILL own you 


Kat,KittyKat,Kit, Wein,Keti 

JSA 1-4 (President), Field Hockey 
1-4 (capt), Amnesty 2-4, Pep 
Band 1-4, Lacrosse, Girls' State 

"This above all: To thine own self be 
true." - Hamlet 

Thank you guys for all the memories. Field 
Hockey w/ Tups in the clouds^oach OD, and 
Schad?!? POSSE.choate alyse and val. Weekend 
hips in boston with everyone, never forget the I- 
rides. Psycho JSA conventions w/allthegirls. 
Meredith's "great" stories. StanfordCBw / a lex and 
alise. Thanx Alise for being there and experienc- 
ing it all with me. The Crew at Regg's& Dance 
Party USA. Summers at Josephs slaving &ritual 
end of summer night swim. TheStartingLine w/ 
Val, Alyse, CRaps, Kiki, & Jen. Trip to NYC w/ 
everyone fun times. MLser, enuff said. Home- 
coming and Prom w/ "mah girls." VISION 
CLUBBIN.Courtney:HOLLA. Matchbox20w/ 
Val.QueenWeinAlyse. To my best Wends, Val, 
Alyse, Mere, Christina, Regg and Kiki. 
Iloveyouallandwillmissyou! Yiota, Kiki, and 
Buddyboy, thanks for supporting me through 
itall. Mom&Baba, I love you and always will. ~3~ 



Drama 1-4 

"Saw a civilization where grabbing onto 

Was the only guarantee of freedom, peace, 
and health 

Dollar sign value system uphelds as the truth 
And if you can 't find a place it's gonna find 
you. " 

The Refused 

"Yd rather be forgotten than remembered for 
giving in. "- The Refused 

Tensions in our lives that are attacking our 

Unite themselves together to make our con- 
emotionslockedaway. If that's what they call nor- 
mal Td rather be insane"- Operationlvy 

"Beautiful, you 're beautiful. " 
- Smashing Pumpkins 


Joey, JoJo, J.P., Slowey 

Peer Ed3-4, Newspaper 2-4, A&E 
Editor 3-4, Soccer 2, Band 2-4, Pep 
Band 2-4, AstroGeeks2-4 

"Lifeisonlyasgoodas the memories we make/ 
The only thing that matters is just following 
your heart and eventually you '11 finally get it 
right. 'TheAtaris 

"Love Never Fails " ' Corinthians 13:8 

"If you can dream it, you can do it'" Walt Disney 


Be yourself, no matter what they say" 'Sting 

From kindergarten to senior year at Norwell, my 
journey has been amazing, like the people 
init | Preschoolw/Sam,Mike &Colby | FrankG- 
friendssinceage2 1 John K Movie s, Vids | Kristen 
thanku & good luck | Sparrell7years | Eng W/ 
Katie D | ClassW/JennaW. | Latin-My Pants Are 
GonnaSmell | Gilly's Bumper | Hertz, Beach,Greg- 
Jokes | HConcert wKleber ,P at,MikeA | 
Compass,Friendly's | Summer scene w/ Devo 
Beeker | Peer EdRides wKris& Frank Kali 
StayTrue | Christine-thankU4 what U gaveMe | 
RIP BM | All Friends-goodluck& thanku | Liz- 
TheBest Friend OfMy Lifel LoveYou | MaKenzie- 
Beaches, 24Dinna,copilot-Thank You 4Showing 
Teaching &SharingW/ Me Memories I never knew 
I could haveStayBeautiful-Iloveyou |Class04, NHS, 
Teachers,MomDadJennPatt-thank you 4whal u did, 
Gluck"Remember that dreams come true.l love you and 
I'm here foryou."~Will Smith |Peace[[jrp4444j~Joey*| 


La t fin, Laffy, Rianna, Yankee, 
Trish, TB 

Baseball 1-4 Hockey 1-4 Football 
1, Golf 3 

"To the world you might be one person; 
but to one person you might be the world" 
- unknown 

"You owe it to yurselfto be the best you 
can possibly be " - Pete Rose 


Kals, Lamps, Keelee, Pebbles, 

Cross Country2-4 (Capt), Winter 
& Spring Track, Navigator, 

"For attractive lips, speak words or kindness. 
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For 
poise walk with the knowledge you'll never 
walk alone." - Audrey Hepburn 

Someone always said to me that these would 
be the best years in my life. What they forgot 
to tell me was that they would also be the 
worst, the most trying, and painful times in 
all my life. To those of you who have stood 
by me I can't thank you enough for playing 
the instruments that have shaped the great- 
est symphony of my life. I love you Mom, 
Dad, Kariana, John Micheal, and Max! 


Kali, Kar, Lamps, Ceryanah, 
Bunny, Rawllo 

Softball 2 

"Why would you want to be normal? 
Normal is boring. " 

"The hardest battle you are ever going to 
fight is the battle to be you. " - Unknown 
"You all laugh at me because I am differ- 
ent, I laugh at you because you are all the 

I know 1 will never win the Oscar to give that great 
speech where I leave out a bunch of names but 
here goes "Where it began, I can't begin to 
know when, but the I know its growing strong." 
- Neil D! Jenna for four wonderful years of true 
friendship, and the best addition to the fam. 
Provan Old Navy Geeks, Box Car Racer with 
Joe. Prom '03 Sean Toal! John Mayer with Dev 
and Klee, I love Christopher E! Kali, you are by 
far the best sister on the face of the earth. Thank 
you for everything you have ever done for 
meljohn Michael, Max and last but certainly on 
the top of my list MUM and DAD, Thank you 
for putting up with me for seventeen years and 
still going I love you, "You're the oneS who 
saw me through, through it all, You were my 
strength when i was weak. "-Celine <3 always 
Barbie. .."May the wind always be at your back, 
the sun always upon your face, and the winds 
of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the 
stars. "-Blow.. Peace Out! 


Britt, Britty, B 

Drama 2-, Robotics 2 

Angie R, JessC, Allison T, Andrea B, Colby 
Y, Colin J, all the past seniors and the 
freshman posse. ..good times, thanks for 
making it all amusing. Angie. ..general bah- 
age to the world, and I demand equilib- 
rium. Drama sketchiness all around, too 
bad they got rid of the drama couch. Far 
too many private jokes to ame, hopefully 
they'll all be remembered (or at least the 
ones worth remembering). After-school 
wanderings are over, on to college wan- 
derings. The yeah of Aargh shall never 
end. "Get out of my head!" Throwing our- 
selves through the woods on the last day 
of school. Paranoia about cars. Pouring 
rain on Halloween and nobody stopping. 
Red jello on the ground. Writing notes and 
the nicknames on them. Going to the black 
box backstage during lunch-'T've been 
comming here for weeks,"and jiding un- 
der desks-"! think we're officially hermits." 
Pink? Junior and sophomore year 
drama. never ends. To my friends, I 
love you all and thanks for being there. 
Please don't destroy the world while I'm 
still in it? "It's the apocalypse!. ..Again!" 


Lindz, Leezay, Mac, Big Mac, 
Lindy, Poison Ivy, Punk, Lindsay 

Field Hockey J v(3) 4, Winter Track 
2, Softball 3, Amnesty Intl. 4 

".../ remember we were driving, driving 
in your car, the speed so fast I felt like I 
was drunk, city lights lay out before us, 
and you arm felt nice wrapped 'round 
my shoulder..." 
- Tracy Chapman 

GoodtimesatNHS!Mr.Carasquillo's art class 
freshyear,earlydays"03" / Hull 
game"02",Friday's, Harvard square with 
Amanda Young ,last day of school "03" shop- 
ping carts down at scituate harb ,68 
tardies"03", I only wish we went to the same 
school " (Rupsha Biswas) ,Powder Puff "03", 
warped tour with flogging molly"02", 
BUNNYS!!!Imglad for all the good times over 
the past four years and I love you guys. Nick 
I love you, you mean everything to me. Mom, 
Dad, and Elise thanx for all the support and 
love, without you guys 1 wouldn't have got- 
ten this far 



Pep band 9-12, Cross Country 9, 
Field Hockey 10, Cheerleading 10- 
12, Clarinet choir 9-12, NHS 3-4, 
Peer ed. 11-12 

"For I know the plans I have for you, " 
declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you 
and not to harm you, plans to give you 
hope and a future. " - Jeremiah 29:11 

Lindsay M. - movie Rat Race! Clarinet choir 
- our rotating circle. Jen's jacket with "Niff". 
Peer ed training! Prom 03! Rupsha - Our 
homework shop! Singing Imani in band! Band 
geeks forever! Bradsha w's scrambler project! 
Sheela bringing Jen a sandwich everyday. 
Mole day! Jen & our matching fleece shirts! 
Provan - Trig. Freezing every year @ Thanks- 
giving football game! Rachel w/ her fruit 
cup!APB10! Advisories! Steph C - Senorita 
Bonita Juanita! Shout out to: Liz M, Brett C, 
Erin P, Jenni A, Stephanie P, and all my 
buddies! Good luck to all the cheerleaders! 
Super Squad! Best wishes to class of '04! 
Keep in touch! Good luck with the rest of 
your NHS experience, Barry D. Love ya, cuz. 
Love to all my girlies Jen H, Sheela C, Rupsha 
B, Cassie L. Friends forever and ever! Thanks 
to all my teachers! Love"ya Mama and Daddy- 
O! thanks for all your love and prayers. 



Soccer 1-4, Track 1-4, Student 
Govt. 2-4, NHS 3-4 

"This above all - To thine own self be 

And it must follow, as the day the night, 
Thou canst not then be false to any 
man. " 

- Shakespeare 

Goin' boardin', midtown concert, poker 
nights, bowling obsessions, life's back-up 
plan (mexico), our fake band, going in to 
boston, six flags field trip (physics rocks!) 
football at friendly's, pool games, way too 
much ping-pong, awwwww, red sox heart- 
break, wendy's runs. Thanks to mike, amy, 
torn, bates, henry, tim, max, and to all my 
friends - memories have been priceless. 
Thanks mom, dad, brian for your support 
through the years - I love you. 


Joshy, Guido 

Drama Club, Robotics, Amnesty 
Intl., Halyard 

"Cane non mangia cane. " 

(oO) pete doolin - hey... whats up? 
(")(")<— to the left you will see a bunny. 
<< "goodbye NHS!" « endl; 
<3 Band Geek Mafia + NHS 4th Wall Players 
+ Team 348 Robotics <3 


Em, Em-dogga, Wink, Martie, 
Emart, Simba, & Emzee 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-2, 
Powder Puff 3-4, Lax Mgrl-4 

"These are the days I'll remember 
all my life..." 

*Weezer*Finch/*Homecoming(l-4)Like a 
Prayerw/Colbs*Daina - God couldn't have 
blessed me with a better best friend- Love 
you Guin-UrMyGirl-Have fun Bain - Good 
luck -MuchLove/Prom*PowderDuff.- 
UcanAlwaysMakeMeSmile*BM- you are 
4ever in my heart*Cori, Katie & Claire-Not 
only my sisters but my best friends-Thank u 
for everything you have done for me-I 
love You w/ all my heartPTo the Class of '04- 
"These are the days you learn to live again" 


McClean, Doobage, Minor, Pubage, 
Hot Pockets, Mschlean 

"Don 't take life seriously because you can 't 
come out of it alive. " - Warren Miller 

"Everyday you may make progress. Every 
step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch 
out before you an ever- lengthening, ever 
ascending, ever- improving path. You know 
you will never get to the end of the journey. 
But this, so far from discouraging, only 
adds to the joy and glory of the dim b. " 
-Sir Winston Churchill 

Chris and looking for Shaws. Cosgrove in the 
packasport. Seven 99cent Wendy's chicken 
nuggets. The golf carts at Allen Mountain. 
Bates going waterskiing. Vermont at -25. The 
worst assembly ever. Stowe's warm up runs. 
Slacking off at Loring farm. Old Toyotas. 
Snowballs at Ragged. The backwoods of 
Breckenridge. Late night Poker. Triple Tub- 
ing. T-bell Runs. 




Nick Mc, NICO Ramon, Nicholai, 
Tickle Me Sir Elmo, LierDerson 

"May the wind always come up next to you. 
May the kind always beat your back and may 
you be in heaven a half hour before the devil 
knows you dead " 

"Katie, you'll never get this purse, I'm tickle 
me sir elmo." Bowman, you can't 
drive"Coach K knows ice makes the water 
cold.. I can freestyle like no other. Prescott- 
slowest fast dancer. For the hockey team; the 
turkey, you gaff it!! " i try it!", you get the 
shark, plus minus, weber got pelted with 
Jessie slapshot, Never forget the hockey team, 
and never forget Brendan (god bless him), 
there aint no longin on smittys computer re- 
cordings. Gilly, Devo...weare the smash broth- 
ers. The monsters outside the "T" after the BC 
vs. CM game w/ Gilly, Shane Mac, Sully & 
Weber was good. 

- j U - l 



Shane V Mack; Mack; Mackdog; 

"I close my eyes, only for a moment, 

and the moment's gone 

All my dreams pass before my eyes, 

a curiosity, dust in the wind, 

all they are is dust in the wind. " 

- Originally by Kansas 

butalso Will Farrell (Old School) 

"Stupid Mailbox!" 


Matt, Matty 

'Too many times we stand aside and let the waters 
slipaway 'til what we put off 'til tomorrow has now 
become today So don 't you sit upon the shoreline 
and say you're satisfied choose to chance the rapids 
and dare to dance the tide "- Garth Brooks 

Living at Burkes House. Peggody Beach! Hallow- 
een Trouble- Shenley. Active Physics- Marc+ Rachael! 
Math Classesl-4 with Healy!! Dispatch, Dave 
Matthews, Guster, River Rave, Matchbox20, 
PhilLeash, CountingCrowsJimmy Buffet, Sprite 
Remix!Unseen Snow, YES! Study With 
Moe... breaking the Chair! Rides to work from 
nicole. Kara's Jeep!!! Wompatuck! The family! 
New Years 2001 with Dewars!! New Years 
2002withTheGrants!! Pats Winning Superbowl! 
Red Sox Games! Boston! homecoming 2001 at 
Morenas!! Curt and unicycle!! Changing colors 
with Morena. Bumpkin- lsland> Moe, Alise, Kat! 
Hitting rocks with Grant!! Big Kids vs. Tall kids! 
Roadtrip with Burke! Thanks- Burke, Dan, Grant, 
Scottie, Coyne, Kara, Stephanie, Jenna, Tyler, Nikki, 
Bess, Denayerjoe- For Making it Fun!!- Its all about 
family! Tina- I'll always be there for you! Mom and 
Dad- 1 love you both so much, thanks 
for EVERYTHING! DJ, Eric, Diane- my role model, 
my inspiration- thanks for everything. .even the lec- 
tures! Peace! 


130 Norwell High School 


Robotics - Good times, Jason. Lawn Mower, 
Welding with Matt, Lunch in Herm's room, 
computer lab w/ Derek, World Lit. w/ Ms, 


Shen, Shendog, Shenkey, Shenks, 

Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Basketball, 
X-country, AFS, Environment 

"i fight with love and I laugh -with rage you've got 
to live life enough to fee the humor and long 
enough to see some change" - Ani Difranco 

Halloween with Matt, gatherings at the 
Anderson's, "8th grade circus," Freshman B-ba 11, 
exchange students, AFS trips, White Water 
Rafting, Girls lax bus photo ops, home- XC frosh 
year, NYC race; "Eeeew Mommy!" Forts and 
song writing with Alyse, making movies, Art 
class always "like a party," Maine house, 
"McCaine Elios!" flashlight tag, the tree, ravioli 
and pickles, the diary, "Crunella Bean," neigh- 
borhood pa rties, boa t cruises,Beach Club, DMB 
shows, River Rave 2002, Area 1 concert; "The 
BOOTS!" "Pass the wrench," Italy: Alex, poppy- 
cock, rhyming, gondola rides, Pace, "wakey- 
wakey everybody," SwissAir with Devon, N- 
beach, "an easy bike ride," "B-A bay..." Camp 
Clark. Thank you family, friends, teachers, and 
everyone in between. 


Nikki, Beckij 

Softball 1-4 (Capt.) 

"Being grown up isn 'thalf 
as fun as growing up 
These are the best days of our lives 
The only thing that matters is 
just following your heart 
A nd eventually you '11 
finally get it right." ° 


Cole School; Katie, Maureenjen, 
Mollie=Beck's; Summer03;Fall Sport W/ 
Maureen; Billy!;Softball w/ Samantha;Tom's 
Pool+Duxbury Beach;]ohn Mayer & Count- 
ing Crows;McDonalds w/ Maureen,Ana, & 
Samantha; Kacey, Where'sjesalyn?, lOwe You 
H20 Bottle;Good luck Jesalyn, only one more 
year left! Thank you Mom & Dad,Love you. 
Good Luck '04 


Life. Non stop in a constant direction 

As we anxiously s lave to the thought of 


A rarely seen pause to see what is barely 

To notice the unnoticed, to appreciate the 


Lindz, Britney Spears 

Fall Cheerleading 1-4 (Capt), 
Winter Cheerleading 2, Decibelles 

"Keep you head held high, keep reaching for 
the stars, and never stop smiling"'unknown 
"Your dreams are like a candle and you are its 
only flameJxow long and how bright it burns 
is up to you '"unknown 

Class of '04, Talent Show '03. Awesome memo- 
ries and more to come! Cheerleaders decorat- 
ing lockers in the morning and pasta parties! 
You're my Supersquad for life! Fall '04 
captainS/Shannon Boyd, Erin Phippen, and 
Lindsay Cooper! You better lead those girls to 
victory! Decibelles, .best of luck. 
Keep on singin'! Shannon Boyd, Making 
bags of candy for the football boys, Katie 
Nonomura,even though you'vealreadygrad u- 
ated, you've been my best friend 
through everything. I miss you girl. Matt 
Merrifield,best friends forever! I'm always here 
for you! So many good times I'll never forget! 
To my bro's, best of luck in finishing high 
school. Mom and Dad, you've always taken 
care of me and loved me no matter 
what. Thanks for everything, I love you guys! 

Well, it's been a trip I never want to forget. 
Thanks '04 for everything!! 



Dew, Lunch Box, Fatlicious, 
Buddha, Spidey, Dev, Murph, 

Football 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Wres- 
tling 1, Winter Track 3 

"Lighten up while you still can, don 'teven 
try to understand, Just find a place to make 
your stand, and take it easy"-The Eagles 

Chillen' in the summer n' spring by the 
pool w/ Smitty, Fink, n Matt. Sorry bout 
the roast beef in your Graham crackers 
Chelsea. Red Hot Chili Peppers. River Rave 
w/ Smitty n' Fink n' Katzenmoyer. Smitty 's. 
Finch n' the Used. Buffalo beef logs at mid- 
night w/ Mr. n' Mrs. Smith. Props to my 
Starland crew- Terrance n' Fink. Garbage 
bag sledding. Poop on a chairlift. Skating with 
Katie. Weezer w/ my boys. Blowin' bubble in 
n' out of Matt 'scar. North River Rambo. Moon 
Bruthas- Tedeschi. Smash Bros, w/ Nick 
Dawson n' Gilly. The 
Gaunlet. Chillen' on the roof w/ Smitty n' 
Curt. Crabapples w/ Matt. Jumping off 
Smitty 's roof. Recreation BBall Coach w/ 
Gilligan. and Gilly running him ox er.. 
Chillen' on Ana's deck. Branded Bruddas- 
Fink Matt n' Smitty. Salve w/ Angie. Playin' 
Halo. Dixie Cups at Colemans, "Im Irish. 

132 Norwell High School 


Megan Murphy, Meg, Meggie, 
Megara, Murph 

My best friend, my boyfriend James Gabriel I 
love you, you've always been there for me! 
My good friends: Lindsay MacCurtain, Amanda 
Young, Shannon Curtain, Nick Prestandria, 
Sean Haskins, Kevin Moore, Chris Barry, Chris 
Hughes, Malorie Keefe, Rachel Pond, Rachael 
Akusis, Dan Crook, Will Pye.Shannan, Debra 
carchasewith Nick, Dave, Chris, Chris H.Jimmy, 
Brandon L, Shannan C. Jimmy I love you the 
most! All my friends I love and will miss you all 
so much. To my mom, dad, brothers and sisters 
thank you for everything!! 


Nappy, Nap, Napoliatano, 
Robbie Naps, Rob, Napolitano 

Baseball 1-4, Football 1-2, 
Basketball 1-2 

Rally Road, Gilligan dropping soda Cape, 
Weber's trampoline, motorcross in my back- 
yard, Freshman history with Mr. Gerety, 
extreme sledding, straws in sully's pool, 
flashlight tag, getting the tahoe, "Borrow- 
ing" the Bobcat, Duxbury Beach, Baseball 
pitch soph, year, Good times at Red lion, 
working w/ M. Keaveney. 


Softball 1-4, StuGov 4, PeerEd 4, 
Yearbook 4, Field Hockey 1-2 

" Some people come into our lives and quickly go. 
Some people move our souls to dance. They 
awaken us to understanding, with the passing 
-whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the 
sk\/ more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in out- 
lives awhile, leaving footprints on our hearts, and 
-we are never ever the same. " — Author 
Unknown — 

This has truly been an unforgettable journey 
with memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks 
to all of you who were always there for me, 
bringing beauty, insight, and laughter into 
my life. My friends, I consider you all gifts 
that I will never forget. Never change, be- 
cause you are all perfect in your own unique 
ways. Scott, thank you for all the memories 
and many more to come. Mom, Dad, Peter, 
Evan, and Emma, thanks for everything, with- 
out you I wouldn't be where I am today. Good 
Luck 04'! 




OD, C. OD, Aim, "C", Car, Carrie 

" l could stay lost in this moment forever, 
Where a moment spent with you is a moment I 
treasure"- Aerosmith 

" How lucky I am to have known friends -who 
are so hard to say goodbye to." - Anonymous 
" Friends are chocolate chips in the cookie of 
life!"- Anonymous 

"One chance in a lifetime. It won 't be the 
last time, I swear there's always the next 
hill to climb." 


Going to the animal shelter and playing with 
the dogs. Riding dirt bikes with Rob 
Napolitano, Rob Weber, Harry Merritt, and 
Zack Jacobs. That time Zack broke his wrist on 
the first lap the first time he went to the track. 

Dave Matthews 00'03. Ana, good times.Taryn, 
I'll always be 1st friend and pen pal. 
MusicVids Colby Fitzy Taryn. Britney 02' 
Colby Angie Emily. Footy Manager Choate 
Colby Jen Mollie Chelsea. Vinal crew. Men in 
Blackand ForrestGump Fitzy. Italy '03. Europe 
'03 with the Granaras- thanks for being my 
other family, Good Luck Michelle! Boys thanx 
for the laughs. Girls-Thanks for everything 
you'vedone forme, never change! Colby, thanks 
for being there for me always your my best 
friend forever, thank you! Papa thanks for all 
the love you have given me, Mom thanks for 
being one of my best friends we will always 
twinkle, you have both let me grow into the 
woman I am today! Julie & Matt the best I could 
ask for . Frankie you are truly the best boy- 
friend in the world your love and confidence 
means so much to me I hope we only grow love 
you forever RIP Brendan.. .Good Luck 04'!! 



Ana, Kahlua, Kalu, Duck, Lia, 
Ananana, Ana- girl 

" Friends are hard to find, harder to leave, 
and impossible to forget. " 

Welcome to Norwell... New Kid Junior Year! 
What's your name?? You're from WHERE? You 
really lived on a farm?? Chelsea and Lindsay's 
first impression of me in art. Slightly Stoopid 
concert with Katie and her friend Pepper! Song of 
the week car rides with Emily before school. Save 
the Drama for your Mama, Angie and Terry. 
February 14th Maine Trip with Pulpi, Love you! 
Carrie is my magical fairy! Katie my long lost 
twin. I love my girl Taryn along with Mikey and 
Emily, my lil P-funks! Beef with Nick junior year! 
Smitty's Jam with me ©Battle of the Bands. Colby 
& Marc mv biggest Reptar fans! Sweatin' Tosin's 
style with Braids. Thanks girl! SEE ya LATA, 
Terry. Ken and Mai, you've helped me so much, 
I want to thank you for everything you have ever 
done for me. Love you so much. Meg and Javan, 
thanks for putting up with me. 1 will love you 
guys forever. And Floyd's still fat. Love and Miss 
you Mom & Dad, thanks forgiving me the oppor- 
tunity of a life time. Bettina, I miss you so much, 
you are my little sister, and my best friend. I love 
you girl. Miss you always BM. Class of '04 you 
will never be forgotten 


Moll, Midge, Beck, Becky 

Soccer 1-4 captain, Lacrosse 2-3 
Track 1, Basketball Manager 2-4 
Football Manager 4 Student 
Government, Peer Educator, NHS 

"It sgood to have an end to journey toward, 
but it is the journey that matters in the end. "- 
Ursula K. LeGuin 

Coke cherry, Disney Songs, Serendipity, Patri- 
ots Super Bowl and parade 3, witches in 
Macbeth,catch phraseand the helicopter, jump- 
ing on the trampoline in the snow with bags on 
our feet, Florida, and Skiing NH with Jertna , 
Helm. Thanks for all the rides Colby. Manag- 
ing, Ostrich, bunny, and squirrels with Val. 
"like dead" and Cristobal in Spanish with Liz 
and Choate. Physics Scrambler with Terence, 
Garrett & Colby. Raper Cats and the fox with 
Sam. " he turns my pages" Powderpuff, 
Enrique, Nelly, NH, Summer '03. ..My crazy 
Becks- Nicole, Katie, Moe, Jen: love my girls, 
always there for me w/ so many good times... 
miss u guys! France: best time of my life. Pink 
Ladies 3-peat! Pats black pleather pants. Good 
luck next year soccer girls- League Champs '03! 
Thank you for everything Mom& Dad, I 
couldn't have done it without you. I love u 
so much, xoxo Good Luck next year Rye, love 
u, you're the best! Good Luck Class of 2004! 


Soccer 1-4, Tennis 2-4, JSA 3-4, 
Hockey 1, Winter Track 3 

Looking for Shaws in Stowe, Vermont. 
2003 Soccer South Sectional Champions. 
Offroading in the Taurus. Poker Tour- 
nament. Prom 2003. Marshfield Pits. 
Superbowl weekend in NH. Toronto trip 
summer 2003 


"Everyone deserves a second chance at life " 

One love Freddie Lopes Jr forever. Michelle's 
and my short lived Softball careers. Mrs. 
Field, Mrs. Scott, and Nursey, Best friends 


Tina, Teen, Tina Pratt the Brat, Pratt 
Attack, Tinqjam,Jam,Jaminator 

Field Hockey 1-4 ( captain), Soft- 
ball 1-3, Winter Track 2, 
PowderPuff 3-4 

"So never refuse an invitation. Never resist the 
unfamiliar. Never fail to be polite A nd never 
outsaya welcome Just keep your mind open and 
suckin the experience, and if it hurts, you know 
what? It's probably worth it "- The Beach 

Have to say thanks for EVERYTHING to all 
my f riends through high school: Nikki, Matt, Kara, 
Steph, Nick, Cool Joe, Rachael, LindsayMc, Eliza, 
Scottie, Jam, Amanda, Simmons, Burke, JIM, 
Son, Carol. Can't live without ya Matt. Rach 
friends since the olden days- Cole kids Rock. 
Eliza countin down the days. Nikki dance all 
night, good times always and forever Nick 
Never forget u much love. The movie " The 
Beach." Bluemangroup, good times. Sleepin 
in locker room. Halloween with Rach + Prom. 
YorkMaine with Katie D. Stressful Junior Year. 
Is it Snowing Matt? Cruises. Thank you for 
everything Mom + Dad+ The Fam, love you 
always. Nick miss you, follow your dreams. 
Life's a beach everyone, let's take advantage 
while we're young, it's a Mad World, Keep your 
heads up Werd Class of 2004 PEACE 


Mike, Prescott, Baggins, Bibo, 

Hockey 9-11, Lacrosse 9-12 

" What a long strange trip it's been. Just 
keep truckin 'on. "- Grateful Dead 

Leaving Devo's, hangin' out at Marc's 
house, markers to the face, hockey with 
crazy Mr. Hurley, Beating up Gilligan while 
he was in football gear, " she wasnt feelin 
if'.Thanks Mom, Dad, Dean.Brian, & De- 
von, you've been great. 

136 Norwell High School 

Original Kre w- Chris Hughes, Chris Barry, Dan 
Crook, Lindsay MacCurtain, Will Pye, Kevin 
Moore, Shannan Curtain, Anthony Marini, 
Amanda Young, Jenna Calvi, Matty Barry, 
Aramis Anderson, Meghan Murphy, James 
Gabriel, Rachel Gauge, Sean Haskins, Kevin 
Higgins, Dave Peters, Toby Brosnahan, Eliza 
Cambell,TylerRuskansky,TonyMarineli. Walks 
through the path to Fridays every Friday. "Mini 
Rage" sponsored by global park paintball. Ver- 
mont Trip '03. Love you Lindsay. Mom and Dad 
thanks for all the the support. 


Cr, C-Raps, Ena, Bean, Chris 

Softball 1, JSA 3-4, Dance K-12 

"It's something unpredictable but in theend 
its right I hope you had the time of your life.. "' 
Green Day 

Vinaltimes-silentlunches- cheerleading & bladder 
weakening pictionary games- horsecamp+jenny- 
lookWhatlCanDo- violent sleepovers- attacks @ 
scituate play house- Stan Atari-Boston Nights- 
good/ bad Trides-softballcoaching-StartlingLine- 
Dance party usa-lifetimetv+popcorn- enrique& 
emmanuel performance- messed up chem spazzes- 
prettyprettyprincesses-NH ski trip and Nantucket 
times- danger cliff= fun? broken hips- 
spanish+starbucks-failed summer 02 plan - lacked 
in flavor + laundry- permit driving- 
watching picking @ lunch- jsa trips- lost getting 
home from fair-horrible movie night w/ whole 
world- divinglessons- goodbye sammy231bs- 
prom03- warped tour 03- varsityAIM/ 
varsityeating-Mikey goodluck and have fun-Mom 
Dad thank you so much for everything Love you 
forever- to the friends= too many laughs to even 
count, ill never forget a minute. 



Cruise03, paintball, Vermont, watershed, Ve- 
gas, Willis, Soph history class, chillin with 
Chris Barry, Chris Hughes, Nick Prestendrea, 
Kevin Moore, Sean Haskins, Dave Peters, 
Lindsay McCurtain, Shannon Curtin, Jenna 
Calvy, Kevin Gallagher, Tyler Ruskansky, 
Dan Crook, Adam Olsson, Amanda Young, 
Destruction of Jetta (minor fender bender 
with Christa The family, skills, Any one else I 
am forgetting. 

Seniors 137 


Angie,Ang, Tie fling 

Drama 1-4, Live Poets 1-4 

"Back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a 
curse to th sky . .." Out of my head ! Revel in my 
apathy. Hey Posse, keep stretching! Drama 
stole my soul. I think we're antisocial. "Bah!" 
to my Chinese water torture- plink! I am the 
Duct Tape Goddess. Hey Shimmer, where 
did we go? We began at poets so many cross- 
roads, black boxes and mall trips ago, and I'm 
steelweaving my way again. Life is about 
music and mercy, friendships and mistakes. 
The Year of Aargh is Endless. Here's to you 
for everything, that if we never understand, 
at least we'll never forget. 

138 Norwell High School 



Soccer 1-2, Golf 3-4, Track 2, 
JSA 3-4, Environment Club 1-3, 
Habitat 3-4, Halyard 3, NHS 3-4, 
Bowling Club 3-4, Math Team 1-4 

"fvealways made a total effort, even when 
the odds seemed entirely against me I never 
quit trying; I never felt thatldidn 't have a 
chance to win. "-Arnold Palmer 

"Stickers"- Kat, Katie, Alyse, Helm (my thera- 
peutic patient) and the "cycle" Taco Bell 
runs witht the golf team, Jason Raynor and 
the Saab, Per. 4 latin with Sharpe and the 
crew- JFK and the "wall" , making dinner 
with Brian, Jean, Katie, and Max, Prom '03 
with Meredith, Stephanie Gratta "wife", 
Dance Party USA and Boston Trips with Kat, 
Katie Val, Alyse, Alise and Meredith, Cotuit 
times with Meredith and Christina, getting 
lost in Rockland with Tom, Mike, Max, Helm, 
Jean, and Brian, Katie Val "squirrels", many 
nights at the alley cat lanes, much love to my 
sibling Katerina, James, and Eileen, my best 
friends, thank you for always being there- 
Minnesota, To my parents and sister: thank 
you for everything , for your hard work and 
support and all that you have done for me- 
I love you all. 



Drama, AFS club, Cross Coun- 
try, Track, Surf Culture, Peer 
Ed, Robotics, Amnesty, Art Club 

"In the midst of winter 
I finally learned 
That there was in me 
An invincible summer" 
-Albert Camus 

Poison Ivy(lindsayi), Art Class- ITS BEAU- 
TIFUL! AFS Parties, Trips 2 Boston, Planned 
[mprovs, outdoor lunches, 8th grade, Frosh 
Drama, Panda Palace (NIX!), River Rave 
Soph Year, Six Flags Roadtrip, Senior swims 
W/ Amanda, Cast Party's, Outward Bound, 
Snot-rockets,Pasta Parties, Spirit Week Fresh- 
man Wall, Getting Ready For Dances In My 
Room, " Yeeeeaaahh!!" ( SPLASH), Water- 
shed, Exchange students, Wiffle ball, Run- 
ning In The Rain, Dream chases, BREATHE 
SUCKA,SpartanCheerleaders, Mama, Papa- 
I love you!! You've given me all the tools I 
need, I'll pay you back later.. Christopher, 
you've got 3 more to go.... Just remember to 
always have fun. And remember- " The 
important thing is to breathe as hard as we 
can breathe"- Vincet Van Gogh 


Ali, Aleaf, Strawberry Shortcake 

Cross Country 1-4 Winter/Spring 
Track 1-4 JSA 2-4 Band 1-4 

" Whatever you are be a good one. "- 
Abraham Lincoln 

Maureen and Michelle: going to the dis- 
patch concert, monster jam;our grape fight, 
going camping in 8th grade, all night 

"chem" study sessions. Maureen and Alise 
best friends for life. XC- Caesar running at 
franklin park, eating a cake off the side of 
the road, running with broken legs. The 
footlocker race freshman year. Dance Party 
USA. Getting lost with Meredith going col- 
lege shopping, ending up at Crabapples.... 
Katerina: wearing timberlands on the first day 
of school, going to Standford summer 
school, working at Josephs over the sum- 
mer. Bowling in France, passoa. Italian 
Restaraunts. My winter track children will 

live on. Running in circles 2002. Driving to 
Humarock. Bumpkin Island " Guys only a little 
came out!" Everyone thanks for the countless 
good times that in the end outweighed all the 
bad. Mom and Dad thanks 
for all the support. I love you all! 


Matt, Matty, Sammy, Amtt, 
Spicoli, Bruno 

Soccer 1-4 (capt), Lacrosse 1-2, 
Spring Track 3, Peer Ed. 3 

"Don't gain the world ami lose x/oursoul, wisdom 
is better than silver or gold." - Bob 

Class of '04, baby. Some good times. To my 
boys, Fink, Devo,and Smitty, Devo hitting the 
floor and the stool on the way down, blowin' 
bubbles out my car, playing HALO, schooling 
Curt Alpert in Fusion Frenzy, Cape and my 
house with Garrett Bates, Trinity excursion with 
Fink, Kris, and Frank. Drivin' Terrence's 
whip... that was fun. Love to all my bruddas, 
keep in touch. To Jenna, good times just about 
everywhere, going to Scituate, Peggoty, Egypt, 
Lighthouse, summer in Chatham, dinners and 
movies, prom, hot tubbin', Finch and the Used, 
John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and lots 
more, you are a great girl and I'm so happy to 
have you, I'll always love you. Thank you to all 
my friends and especially my family who 
supported me through these years, I love you. 


Max, Maxie, von Schleegon, hine 
Schloogan, Maxipad 

Student Government (President) 2-4, 
Class Vice President, Math Team 3-4, 
Hands for Humanity 3-4, Navigator 
3-4, Peer Ed. 3-4, National Honor 
Society 3-4, Bowling Club 3-4, Golf 2- 
4 (capt). Tennis 3-4 (capt), Basketball 
1-2, Baseball 1-2 

"/ am careful rial to confuse excellence with 
perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; 
perfection is Cod 's business. " - Michael J. 

K. Helm, my positive pal. Fun in Toronto. 
Taco Bell golf runs. Late nights with Navi- 
gator. Italy '03 with Chase, Helm, Val, Jean, 
and Brian. Every episode of Family Guy. 
Katerina, going headfirst onto a coffee table. 
Playoffs 2003 crew. Bloom where you are 
planted. Period 4 fun with Sharpeand crew. 
JFK and "the wall." Dinners with Helm, 
Jean, Brian, and Anthony. Dance Party USA. 
Luxury box with Helm, Chase, Allen, and 
Manning. Katie, I will bloom where I am 
planted. Reeaallyy? Emily, thanx for listen- 
ing. Mom and Dad, thanx for helping me 
get to where I am. Hope everyone in the 
class of '04 remembers the fun we had. 


Alex, A I, Big A I 

JSA 1-4, Navigator 1-4, XC 1-3, 
Bowling Club, Winter Track 2, 
Spring Track 1-2, Wrestling 1, 
Chem Club, Clipper Clips 

"I have never let school interfere with my 
education. " - Mark Twain 

2004.. .here we go: to the Norwell crew, keep 
it up. Munchkins unite. Upperclassmen. Clip- 
per Clips. Cross Country, New York. Ryan H., 
Ryan C, Tim all the stupid things we've 
done . Physics. AP History. Prom 2003. and to all the rest of the hor- 
rible investments, i.e. pa-per shredder. Video 
& computer games. Football games in the 
backyard. Driving. I got my license. Late nights 
@ Newspaper. To the world of JSA: New 
York. To the crew past and present, you all 
have made more than a life changing impact 
on me, thanks for everything. Summer @ 
Stanford...good stuff; my insane roommates, 
everything that happened there...never for- 
get it. Clocks. Katerina, no way would I have 
made it, thank you. To the family, thank you 
for all the support, love you all. 


Prov, Cheese, Provolone, Little 
Slys, Tigra, Anti-bus 

Field Hockey 1-4, Softball 1-3, 
Art Club 4, Yearbook 4 

"People are what they want to be. they 're 
not lemmings to the sea. "- Blink 182 

"And when this hourglass has filtered out 
its final grain of sand. I'll raise my glass to 
the memories we had "- TheAtaris 

"Know who you are and do it on purpose " 
- Dolly Parton 

Thanks to all my friends and to all the 
memories we have. Without you guys 
high school wouldn't have been what 
it was. 


T., T-Serious 

Hockey 3-4, Lacrosse 3-4 

"For every dark night there's a bright day after that. 
So no matter what stick your chest out, keep your 
head up. andgetoverit. "-2PAC 

"Watch out for the clowns, with the 
crocodile smiles, cuz they're phony. " 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my hoys tor 
everything, Mik, Derek, Pulp, Leeman, Curtis, Marc, 
Coleman, and everyone else. Much love to all my 
girls. Ang, thank you for every tiling. RIP I'j I & HTM - 
"Only the good die young." Thank you to my Mom, 
Dad, Tim, & Jen and to my nephews Sean Joseph and 
Brendan Christopher, your uncle loves you. . sue ya 


Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-2, La- 
crosse 1-2, Track 3 

"Just let the lovin 'takea hold, and it will if you let 
it." -Sublime 

"Don t worry about a thing, 'cause everything 
isgoingto bealright "-BobMarley 

Always good times with my buddies.DMB con- 
cert freshman year. Finch and the Used. Seeing 
Red with my girl Ana at Battle of the Bands. 
Eating popcorn and watching a brawl. Matt 
and Devo shatter my window and my dreams 
with crabapples.. Kris and Devo in Beaver 
Creek. And any other good times that I can't 
think of. Props to all my boys and girls, you 
know who you are. Thank you Mom and Dad 
for being so kind and understanding and for 
putting up with me when I wasn't so good. 
You're the best parents 1 could ever have. Thank 
you Drew for being the coolest older brother 
and best role model a little brother could 
ask for. Alyse, you were my first love and I 
will never forget you. Good luck to all my 
f riends and classmates in the years to come. 


Baseball 1-4, Winter Track 2-3, 
Cross Country 3-4, Football 1, 
Student Government 1-4, School 
Council 4, Peer Education 4, Pep 
Band 1-4 

If you come to a fork in the road, take it. 

- YogiBerra 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish 
all of the people that I have encountered in 
this time going through Norwell schools good 
luck with life. To all my friends, I've had fun 
hanging out, playing pool and poker. Chris - 
had a great time since second grade - hope 
you have fun in college - wackateers forever 

- look forward to watching more Simpsons 
and Seinfeld. Willow - thanks for always be- 
ing there for me and I can't wait for the more 
memories that will come. Dad, Mom, and Chris 

- you've helped me through everything - 
thanks for more than can possibly be written 
in the space provided. Love you all. -Scott. 


Tom, Tommy, Tommy Boy, 
Tommy Girl, T-SULL, Tdog, For- 
est, Sully, Sull, Sullivan, Tomas, 
Grizzly Adams, Harry (Harry and 
the Hendersons), Gorilla, Hair, 
Paula, Teddy, Gump(a) 

"I wish it was me!" - Nick McDonough 

Nick rapping. Acing Gerety's freshman 
final. License test. Mollie driving my Jeep. 
Nicole so gullible. Gilligan dog 
collar.. .twice. Nappy and Shane - mine's 
better. Quarter mile at a time. 60 Cent. Six 
Flags. Nick, Curt, Bowman, Gilly, running 
mad fast. NHS hockey locker rooms. Coach 
Hurley Kris. Katie Daly last but certainly 
not least: Sox games.cannon balls, you're 
da bomb. Cat Brains. Security Cameras? 


Cross Country 1-4 (Capt), Tennis 1-4 
(Capt), Winter Track 2-3, Amnesty 
International 1-4 (Publicist), Pep 
Band 1-4, Band 1-4 (Vice President), 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead 
where there is no path and leave a trail "-Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

Pep Band w/ Ayers, Lutchy, Josh, KC, Shaw, etc. 
Dinolo's class + snacks wi th Booth, Kelly, Greenis. 
AND1 Tennis. Hertz: "lean out eat Jeff at lunch." 
Jumping rivers + 4 great years of XC. Snowy 
mountains. Making up new grades + AP study 
with Kenslea. EXPOS FRIDAY! Box w/ Tait, 
Carillo, Ivas, TJ, Steve, Malka! Sophomore elec- 
tions and Homecoming Court. Italy trip + rook- 
ies. Latin Videos. Winter TrackSanta Jokes. Hang- 
ing with Kenslea at Licktown. Poker night at 
Hertz's. Freshman gym w/ Pat the Cat . Wall 
Ball. Getting work for Hertz. Kelly's advice, say- 
ings, and clothing choices. Booth's salute. Ayer's 
sideburns. Greenis's downward spi- 
ral. Jarva's lollipopsat lunch. IT'SGOING RAIN! 
And special thanks to Mom, Dad, and everyone 
else who helped me get to where I am! 


Sweeney, Sween-dawg, Swizzle, 
Sweendizzle, 7curse 

Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, 
Volleyball 1 

"The only thing man is consistent at is being 
inconsistent. " 

First off Chicago. Laffin. Higgins. Dorney. 
Ping-Pong. "" That "South Park" 
DV D. Every rap CD, but 'specially those 2P AC 
and NAS CD's. The Y. Poker. Simply 
said. .."cooking beef." Scarface. Next Friday. 
50 vs. Ja Rule. Strike 1, 2, with the third 
coming. And for the future. the 
Album. ..Remember. - -Out- -> 


Grease, Colbs, Colb, Stewart, 
Stew, Ubi, Ooba, Scooba, Cold 
Toes, Twobie, Beautiful 

Soccer 1-4 ( Capt. 4), Basketball 
(Capt.4) Lacrosse 1-4 (Capt 3&4) 
Football Manager 4, Peer Ed 3 

"Be who you are and say what you feel 
because those who mind don 't matter and 
those who matter don 't mind. "-Dr. Seuss 
"A memory lasts forever, never does it die. 
True friends stay together A nd never said 
goodbye "- anonymous 

Top lO.Sparrell! DMB '99-'03. Britney. Tom 
Pettyjohn Mayer. Nelly. Quebec with Angie 
and Kris. Soccer girls, you made it unforget- 
table, good luck next year! Lax girls, thanks 
for everything and good luck! Study w/ Matt 
and Katie. Tubing w/ Fitz on Cape Cod. Jen, 
since Sparrell, I will always be yours. Jr. High 
dances w/ Katie D, Katie H, Taryn, Fitzy. 
Music Videos w/ Carrie and Em. Playing 
darts w/ Fitzy. Chels, our hug. Carrie, 
CH 1CK EN . Gi lly, d ig. Photo. Mollie, car rides. 
Lissy, missed you in Fligh school, always one 
of the girls! My boys, noone compares. Carrie, 
thanks for being therethrough thick and thin, 
love ya. Girls, we had the times of our lives. 
Thanks for making high school so special 


Topher, T-diddy, FIF, Fifa, T-dude, 
T-dude Jr. 

Lacrosse 1-4 ( Capt.) Football 1 
Hockey 4 Volleyball 1-4 ( Capt) 

"Happiness isn 't something you experience; it's 
something you remember. "- Oscar Levant 

Frank- Dave Matthews. KD(Katie)- thanks for 
everything. Prom 2003 . Fink, Matt, & Frank- 
Trinity Trip. Jojo- Peer Ed Trips. My boys... 
Good Luck and have fun. My Girls... Mom & 
Dad- Love you thanx for everything. Mike, Ja- 
son, Sean- Thanks and good luck. Lauren- thanks 
for everything, love you and good luck. 


Rach, Kels, Blondie, Giggles 

Field Hockey 2-4, Winter 
Cheerleading 2 

"Here's to the nights we felt alive Here's to the 
tears you knew you'd cry. Here's to goodbye, 
tomorrow's going to come to soon. "- Eve 6 

Thank You for all the awesome memories thru 
the years Laura, Charissa, Devon, Tina, Lind- 
say, Liza, Matt, and Aramis. You guys are awe- 
some, you've made High School the best itcould 
be- love you. Thanks mom for everything, I 
wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for 
you, you've been a mother and father to me I 
love you. Thanks Dan for being an awesome 
boyfriend for the past 2 years, and for years to 
come! I'll love you always. My fav. Cousin 
Meghan, we've been thru everything together 
since we were born, Christmas and Florida 41ife! 
Love you. Thanks Andrea, Erik, Aaron, and 
Alysha for always being there for me, I love you. 


Val, Katie Val, Valerie, KA V 

JSA 1-4, Field Hockey 1-4, NHS 3-4, 
Amnesty International 3-4, Basket- 
ball Manager 2-4, MOLE Club 

"A boring life in a boring town. "-Less Than 

"Strangers, they are exciting, their mystery 
never ends, but there is nothing like looking at 
your own history, thefacesof your friends. "- 

"Life is very short and there s no time for 
fussing and fighting, my friend "- TheBeatles 

COLE kids, FH gals/Tups frosh year-BrlnGiT, 
Horsebackriding camp, The Starting Line, JSA 
Convention Craziness, The POSSE, Josephs, 
Boston T-Rides, Italia '03, Kat the chauffeur, 
Miser 4 ever, Falling In Trenches, Nantucket & 
MV, NH Ski Trips, STUART!, Dance Party 
USA, Prom '03 ALEX, TKO Malleys, Meredith 
Stories, Regg & My pants, Starbucks Obses- 
sions, MOLE Dancing, Latin Study Groups, 
Look @ those monkeys, Stacie Orrico, Remem- 
brance Run, Night @ Vision, Summers in Plum 
Island & SpIcE glrLs, Squirrels? The Mask - 
"Somebody Stop Me," Climbing trees/Wood 
Chip in Eye * Kat, Ah/sc, Christina, Regg, Merc& 
~ Mom & Dnd ~ Tlumkf for putting up with me -I 
Oiiv Tlie World To You, Good Luc k Mike! ~ "3" 


Going to the prom my jr. year with Karen F 
was a lot of fun. Friday nights under the lights 
is going to be missed. To all my friends good 
luck with everything you chose to do with 
your life. I want to thank my parents and my 
younger sister Jackie for always being there 
for me. I would also like to thank my teachers, 
tutors, and anyone else who's made an im- 
pact on my life in making me what I am today. 
Class of '04 is a success!!! 


Webs, Weebs, Webba, Webby, H-Dub, 
Spider, Lou 

Football 1-2, Hockey 1-4, Baseball 

Freshman history w/ G-ready, Friday afternoon 
practice. Gilly and Farinick wrestling ma tches 
"how long was I out for?" 
Napolitano's knuckles in Bio. 5 a.m. hockey, 
baseball in the office lawn chairs in paradise. 
Fishing for stripes on cool runnings, Kiama 
Motocross at Penniman Hill, Sully's Jeep in 
Marshfield pits, Norwell pits, Nappy's house. 
Extreme sledding, Straws, Digi photo, "voodoo" 
in sheffields physics. Fires at the beach w/ 
Chelsea, Shane, Nappy, Sully, Moe, KD. Prom 
w/ Chelsea and all the great memories 


Jessie, J Will 

Environment Club (1-4), Spring & 
Winter Track & Field (1-4, 
Newspaper, Class Historian (3), 
Class VP (4), NHS (4) 

"Release your inner geek Life's too short to be 
cool "- Shirley Manson 

"But uhh a thug changes, and love changes and 
best friends become strangers, word up. "-Ate 

Late night phone calls, music downloads & 
friendly fights with Hackett - Being cynical 
nonconformists & fast car with Alex, the ying 
to my yang- track &squeeze the grapes-"Is 
your mama a llama?"- SPIRITWEFKS- "All 
those nights we stayed up listening to 80's 
songs and quoting lines from all those movies 
we loves"- opening sunroof in pouring rain- 
thank you Mom & Dad for it all- Kristy and 
Ryanne make it all memorable- 2004 it's been 
crazy, goodluck wherever 123 takes you- every- 
one left at NHS, keep it real, keep it fun... 


Rick, Ricky, Wisgirda and I do 
mean Sgirta 

Basketball 1-2 Tennis 1-4 Student 
Government 1-2, 4 Amnesty Interna- 
tional 2-4 NHS 3-4 

"Me fail English, that impossible. " 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Jeremy helping the freshmen adjust, Licktown, 
Italy and searats, Deep Pockets, Low Average 
Land, JA Titan, AND 1 mini tennis, biology 
and flying building blocks, Jeremy out eating 
people, wall ball freshman year, Italian disco, 
mind your step,Prom '03 teen demographics, 
failed bocce club, Joey's crazy quotes in latin, 4 
years of NHS, thanks to everyone. 


Jean, Jeanifer 

Tennis 1-4, Student Government 1-4, 
3-4, NHS 3-4, Yearbook 4 

mind "-Dr. Seuss 

"Soon III be leaving you, but you won 't be leaving 
me. "-Something Corporate 

Wakey wakey! ITALY '03, CATCHPHRASE - , 
Helm -one soul, JOHN MAYERw/ Healy,Helm, 
Jenna, Sam - How do you spell Brueggers? Toronto 
'03 w/ Brian, Mikey, Max, and Crispy - flight 
can-celled twice + "Hey Mr. Wright!" + me saying 
"bomb" = good times .Chemistry help = the begin- 
ning. My chauffeur. Inner Troy. BAB, WANNA 
BAB? Henry's Nestea. Rob - Mustangs&RoadTrip. 
Mikey - my ten-nis partner, we are awesome. Max 
&Brian-youcheat,bad linecalls. . Regg's Moulin 
Rouge | Cooking dinner. American Idol & The 
Restaurant & OC. Tickling. Cedar Point. Brian - 
thank you for everything, for giving me your con- 
tinuous love and support, for drying my tears, 
and for being my best friend, you are the most 
amazing person I've ever met, don't ever change. I 
love you. To my mom & dad -I couldn't have made 
it without you, you're the reason I am who I am 
today. Good luck Jared, I'm proud of you. I'm 
going to miss you all. Thanks again. <3 


"The hardest thing in the world is to live in it." 

Krista, Shannan, Chris Barry, Lindsay, Bobby, 
Chris Hughes, Lara, Nick, Meghan, AJ, Jenna, 
Dan, Will, Tina, Sean, Kevin and Aramis. Sum- 
mer Jam 2002 with Shannan, Krista and Jay, Six 
Flags, Poison ivy, River Rave 2000, Maine with 
Aramis and Jenna, Haunted tape recorder, 
Harvard Square with Lindsay, Newbury Street, 
Amnesty New York trip, AFS Halloween Par- 
ties at Krista's, 27 Cross St, Movie nights, Fri- 
days, Leaving the car running, Squirrel Island, 
Series finally at Lara's house, Boston, Nick's 
pool party, Rope swing, Mercury sta tion wagon, 
Haunted house, Aramis in Mr. Willis's class, 
Canton. -Thanks Mom and Dad for putting 
up with me and living through Nikki. You 
have been there for me since the begining 
and you let me make my own choices and 
almost always went along with them, you are 
the best- 1 love you. 


Seniors 145 


Jenna, JZ, J 


Winter Track 1-4 (Capt), Spring 
Track 1-3, Peer Education 3-4, 
Yearbook Editor 4 

Soccer 1-4 (Capt), Track 1-3 
(Capt) Basketball 2, AFS 1-4, 
Chem Club 2-4 

"To laugh often and much. ..find the best in 
others. ..leave this world a bit better. ..know 
even one life has breathed easier because you 
have lived. This is to Inrve succeeded." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"Yes, there are hvo paths you can go by, but in 
the long run there's still time to change the road 
you're on." - Led Zeppelin 

*Liz- Homecoming walls, football games, mani- 
cures, shopping trips, lunch, french, shaken 
pizza, thecloche. *Courtney- Movie nights, step- 
ping in a squirrel, Deb* Birthday on the boat * 
John Mayer with Jean, Helm and Jenna * Nicole- 
Enrique, Saratoga, betting on horses, shopping 
on Newbury Street * Shopping in H&M with 
Liz, Jenna, and Mollie* France girls - Alphonse 
Browne, LeChemin, Bises, Italian restaurants in 
Paris, sitting in the Musee D'Orsay with Liz, 
pasoa* Track girls- powwows, McDonalds at 
BU track, getting batons from the shed in the 
winter * Jean- California, robbers at your house, 
ordering pizza* Tim- thanks for all the rides!* 
Gabi and Zak- Thanks for putting up with me 
and good luck!* Dad- Thanks for the encour- 
agement and support. *Mom- You have taught 
me more than you will ever know, I couldn't 
have done this without you! 

*Cole kids-blacktop recess with mrs. mean*chili 
mayer concert, trips to the beach, prom 03, the 
list, hot tubbin', stargazin', and being rose bud- 
dies with matt*soccer girls-baby shark, camp 
with ciro, is it in you? league champs, moo*d-bells, marylou's, and shop- 
ping with Courtney- meow meow* france girls- 
rockin to alphonse brown, je t'aime 
toujours*guiney-we endured track hell, 
blplpllpurp goodbye!*john mayer with healy, 
helm and jean*mollie-trips to new hampshire 
and florida, learning how tosnowboard*colby, 
Senior GlRLS!*matt, thanks for all the fun and 
memories, you're amazing and i'll always love 
you-kisses hugs and love*allison, thanks 
for always being there as a big sister and best 
friend, i lubba yoii*mom and dad, thanks for all 
your lov e and support, dad-you'rethe best coach 
& mom-i'll always be your baby*love* 






148 Norwell High School 

Reaching New Heights 

150 Europe 

Juniors and Seniors studying French traveled to 
France in February 2003. The first half of their trip 
consisted of living with a family in Auxerre, a small 
village in Burgandy. They increased their fluency 
and comprehension while attending school and 
living with a family. The second half of their trip the 
students traveled to Paris. There, they were able 
to visit the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre 
and much more. The students returned home with 
a better understanding of the french culture and 



Reaching New Heights 

152 Norwell High School 

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors 
studying Latin traveled to Italy in 
April 2003. During their ten day visit 
they stayed in Venice, Florence and 
Rome. They visited historical sites 
such as the Coliseum, Roman Fo- 
rum, and The Spanish Steps. Memo- 
ries: Wakey Wakey, gelato, the Flo- 
rence disco, soccer game, long bus 
rides.Thank You to Mrs. Dunn and 
all the chaperones who made this 
trip possible. 

Norwell High School 153 

Girls' Lacrosse 

The girls' lacrosse team had 
an outstanding 2003 sea- 
son. Led by many strong 
seniors, including Laura 
Good and Andrea Doherty, 
the team made it to tourna- 
ment. Coach Jen Kent looks 
forward to another exciting 
season with standouts Sa- 
rah Hopkins, Lauren 
Strazzula, Jacqueline Hall, 
and senior captain Colby 

Back row (left to right): Laura Good, Karen Fitzgerald, Jacqueline Hall, Kaeli Morrisey, 
Shenley Meyer, Katie Helm, Megan O'Hara, Taylor Murphy, Kathleen Kramer, Erin 
Fitzgibbons, Michelle Granara Middle row (left to right): Kristyn Burm, Sarah Hopkins, 
Andrea Doherty, Anna Kissell, Caitlin Jackson, Lauren Strazzula, Carolyn Buckley 
Front row (left to right): Colby Tallman, Mollie Phillips 

754 Norwell High School 

Boys' Lacrosse 

This year's boys' lacrosse 
team enjoyed a very 
successful season with their 
head coach, Frank Granara. 
Captains Jason Grier, John 
Chappell,Nick Mott, Adam 
Slys , and Steve Sullivan led 
their team to many 
victorious wins. Next year 
looks just as promising with 
underclass standouts Frank 
Granara, Kris Tedeschi and 
Terry Smallcomb. 

Back row (left to right): Scott Chappel, Jeff Burek, Paul Snell, Andrew Farinick, Kyle Laffin, 
Frank Granara, Tristan Lawrence, Mike Dwyer, Kris Tedeschi, Christian Comeau, Terry 
Smallcomb, Mike Coleman, Deven Murphy, Mike Prescott, Terence Bohan, Sam Chase, 
Myles Clancy, Manager Jen Gramm, Manager Emily Martindale Front Row (left to right): 
John Moore, Brendan Feldstein, Steve Sullivan, Adam Slys, John Chappell, Jason Grier, Nick 


Spring Sports 155 

Girls' Tennis 

Led by senior captain 
Meghan Kelly and 
junior captain Angie 
Bizzozero, the 2003 
team had a superb 
season with coach 
Derek Sulc. The team is 
looking forward to 
another great season in 
2004 with standouts 
Angie Bizzozero, Jenna 
Wright, Carly Arena, 
Kathryn Ankner, and 
Taylor Cleaves. 

Left to Right: Emelien Schut, Britt Hansen, Jenna Wright, Jamie Regan, Anakalia 
Pelton, Alexandra Dalferro, Angie Bizzozero, Samantha Swadish, Meghan Kelly, 
Kate Mulvaney, Taylor Cleaves, Carly Arena, Kathryn Ankner, Mackenzie Shute, 
Maura Boyle, Veronica Keaveny, Coach Sulc 

156 Nonvell High School 

Boys' Tennis 

Spring Sports J 57 

Norwell's 2003 softball team 
looked to senior captains 
Laurie Genatossio and 
Charlene Griffin and junior 
captains Nicole Miscioscia 
and Courtney Bergquist to 
lead the team to victory. The 
team grew close throughout 
the season and although wins 
were few, they had a great 
time. Underclassmen made 
up a majority of the team and 
will remain an important as- 
set this coming season. The 
2004 season will be equally as 
fun and intense. 


Back Row (left to right): Coach Bergquist. Helen Doyle. Carolin Sullivan, Lauren 
Kelly. Michelle Bain. Michelle Caitlin McKitrick Front Row (left to right): Amanda 
Grant. Anastasia Bukuras. Kristen Ayles. Kelly-Anne Tobin. Shannon Murphy. 

Stephanie Pestilli 

Back Row (left to right): Coach Browne. Rachel Lewis, Jessica Baxter. Willow 
Newby. Stephanie Cafano Front Row (left to right): Nicole Miscioscia. Charlene 
Griffin. Laurie Genatossio, Courtney Bergquist Not Pictured: Provan Slys. Holly 
Guastalli. Managers: Lauren Kilduff and Ross Perry 
158 Norwell High School 

The baseball team had a 
season full of fun and hard 
work with their head coach, 
Tom Jacobs and a large 
returning squad. The 
Clippers were led by 
captains Tom Gunning and 
Matt O'Donnell, and are 
looking forward to a great 
season with returning 
players Matt Greenberg, 
Rob Weber, Sean Gilligan, 
and Ryan Laffin. Good luck 


Back row (left to right): Coach Trenger, Manager Erin Phippen, Manager Joey 
Richardson, Dave Lifters, Rob Napolitano, Scott Souther, Ian Davis, Ryan Laffin, 
Sean Gilligan, Ryan Cosgrove, Manager Jenni Allen, Coach Jacobs Front Row (left 
to right): Greg Thornton, Nick McDonough, Tom Gunning, Matt Sherman, Matt 
O'Donnell, Chris Depari, Matt Greenberg, Rob Weber 

JV Baseball 

Spring Sports 159 


and Field 

The girls' track team had another 
successful season under coaches 
Chuck Martin, Amanda Laban, and 
Bruce Emerson. Led by captains 
Felicia Hawthorne, Jenna Zarick, and 
Samantha Genatossio, they tied for the 
South Shore League title with 
Mashpee. League all-stars included 
Meredith Cammett, Rachel Harvester, 
Felicia Hawthorne, and Jenna Zarick. 
The girls' team looks forward to 
having another successful season. 

The boys' team had a stellar season 
under coaches Mike Murray and 
Amanda Laban. The team was led by 
captains Tom Kleber, Ryan Henry, Pat 
Manning, Mike McClendon, and John 
Taylor. The team looks forward to 
another great season. 

Back row (left to right): Coach Emerson, Healy Zanengo, Rachel Harvester, Erin McCarthy, 
Courtney Harding, Krista Riihimaki, Jessica Williams, Jackie Maynard, Megan Kelly, Bailey 
Sullivan, Caitlin Long, Coach Martin Front row (left to right): Arlene Espiritu, Andrea 
Richardson, Nicole Nonomura, Meredith Cammett, Maria Lenerius, Samantha Genatossio, 
Jenna Zarick, Felicia Hawthorne, Mollie Toomey, Kim Marchand, Alyssa Murphy 

r (lefl to right):Coach Emerson, Brian Ware, Derek Caril 
nkenstaedt, Jason Kulik, Rory Nolan, Andrew Caldwell, Brian Almeida, Gerson Marmol, Mik< 
Greg Ginsburg, Coach Murray Middle Row (left to right): Max Barao, Tim Clement, Anthony Reggiannini, Eric Romero, 
Ryan Henry, Pat Manning, Mike McClendon, John Taylor, Tom Kleber, Pat Kelly, Cory Higgins, Sam Portnow Front Row 
(left to right): Erik Jarva, Brian Manning, Richard Cammett, Alex Doyle, Greg Knowles, Jonathan Andrews, Shaun Henry, 
Geoff Peterson, Matt Sammartino, Tim Nardo 

160 NorwellHigh School 


166 Norwell High School 

Norwell High School 167 




Fiddler on the Roo 

76S Nonce// Higfc Sc/;oo/ 

Noni'cll High School 169 


The cheerleaders had one of 
their best seasons ever lead by 
Charissa Kerr, Devon Gray 
and Lindsay Morena. They 
claimed second place in the 
South Shore League competi- 
tion. Charissa Kerr,Allison 
MacDonald and Lindsay 
Morena were named UCA 

Back row (left to right): Coach Julie Romasco, Anna Mayhew, Emily Tropeano, Heather 
Reed, Nicole Carson, Andrea Bain, Hayley Mayfield, Pam Scott, Bailey Sullivan, Stephanie , 
Kirsten Shontz Third Row (left to right): Jen Chason, Lauren Kelly, Jenny Allen, Lindsay 
Cooper, Stephanie Pestilli, C.J. Himberg, Second row (left to right): Tosin Adebanjo, Brett 
Camara, Liz Murphy, Erin Phippin, Shannon Boyd Front Row (left to right): Allison 
MacDonald, Charissa Kerr, Lindsay Morena, Devon Gray 

7 70 Norwell High School 

This year's football team was 
led by captains, Andrew 
Faranick, John Mohan, Dan 
Dooley, Andrew Dawson 
and Frank Granara. Andrew 
Farinick, and John Mohan 
were key players in many 
victories this year. The 
Clippers stayed strong and 
finished the season with a 
successful record. The team 
looks to continue their 
winning ways with many 
underclass standouts. 


Back row (left to right): Coach Sullivan, Coach Chappell, Nate Morena, Christian Comeau, Jake Corcoran, 
Jared Kerr, Steve Faranick, Andrew O'Donnell, Alex Hertz, Dan Pye, Sam Kauff, Coach Brown, Coach Schad 
Third Row (left to right): Coach Bradshaw, Coach Kassatly, Billy Arria,Kyle Laffin, Josh Scott, Spencer Cechini, 
Adam Jacobs, Ted Kleber, Scott Chappell, Andriy Kuashuk, Tommy Genatossio, Coach Willis 
Second Row (Left to right): Mike Dwyer, Mike Matterazo, Tom Reagan, Adam Noigura, Greg Thornton, Myles 
Clancey, Pat Kelly, Max Barao, Brian Ware, John Galvin, Jeff Burick 

i Front row (left to right): Sam Chase, Sean Gilligan, James Sweeney, Dan Dooley, Andrew Dawson, Andrew 
Faranick, John Mohan, Frank Granara, Nate Smith, Terrence Bohan, Nick McDonough, Brian Vickers 

Spring Sports 171 

Field Hockey 

The NHS field hockey team 
had another energetic fall 
season. Though wins were few, 
the energy was inspiring. Led 
by senior tri - captains 
Courtney Bergquist, Tina Pratt 
and Katerina Koutrobis the 
team had a very enjoyable 
season. The team looks forward 
to another great season next 
year with head coach Jen Schad 
and assistant coach Arianne 
Lozan returning. The 2004 
season looks to be very suc- 
cessful. Good luck girls! 

Back row (left to right): Courtney Bergquist, Megan Kelly, Kathleen Kramer, Carolyn 
Buckley, Katie Choate, Alyse Daniel, Alexandra Dalferro, Michelle Granara, Erin McCarthy, 
Abby Scott, Christina Marchand (Manager) Front Row (left to right): Sarah Hopkins, 
Mackenzie Shute, Katie Valencius, Katerina Koutrobis, Tina Pratt, Arlene Espiritu, Rachel 
Thornton, Provan Slys, Stephanie Cafano, Lauren Gosnell, Jackie Maynard 

1 » ; -fit ' 

#0 ^Ik* j* 

172 Norwell High School 


The golf team had a 
great year under the 
senior leadership of 
Max Schenkein. 
They complied a 
5-6-1 record. Max 
Schenkein was 
named all star for 
the team. The boys 
look forward to 
promising future 
with the numerous 
underclass talents. 

Girls' Soccer 

The girls' soccer team had 
another great season! The lady 
clippers finished their season 
with a record of 13-5-2.Their 
best win was against Mashpee 
(7-0) in Tournament. They 
continued on to win the 
league title for the first time in 
ten years under the leadership 
of senior captains Katie Helm, 
Jenna Zarick, Colby Tallman 
and Mollie Phillips. Next year 
the team will continue to be 
strong with returning all- 
stars Jackie Vickers and 
Meghan Wiley and goalie 
Jessica Baxter. 

Back row (left to right): Coach Emerson, Jackie Vickers, Lauren Strazzula,Meghanj 
Wiley, Elizabeth Hathaway, Jessica Baxter, Kaeli Morrissy, Jen Guiney, Caitlin 
Jackson, Victoria Nicastro, Coach Norton Middle row: Agata Miselli, Carrie 
O'Donnell, Karen Fitzgerald, Emily Martindale, Chelsea Carson Front row: Katie 
Helm, Colby Tallman, Mollie Phillips, Jenna Zarick 

174 Nonvell High School 

Boys' Soccer 

The boys' soccer team had a 
very successful season under the 
leadership of senior captains 
Garrett Bates, Rob Beach, Ryan 
Henry, Pat Manning and Matt 
Sammartino. Finishing the sea- 
son with the exceptional league 
record of 9- 1 and an overall record 
of 22-3,they were named South 
Shore League Champions and 
South Sectional Champions. The 
team boasted five league all stars: 
Garrett Bates, Rob Beach, Ryan 
Henry, Andrew Olsen and Matt 
Sammartino. Three of the senior 
captains were also named East- 
ern Massachusetts all stars. 

Back row (left to right): Coach Brown, Brian Almeida, Kevin McCord, Andrew 
Olsen, Ben Healy, Middle row: Jason Kulik, Andrew Caldwell, Mike Allen, Cliff 
Hanson, Eric Romero Front row (left to right): Pat Manning, Garrett Bates, Matt 
Sammartino, Rob Beach, Ryan Henry, Scott Kitchen 

Spring Sports 175 

Cross Country 

The boys' country team had another impressive 
season attaining the title of South Shore League 
Champions. They compliled an impressive league 
record 5-0 and an overall record of 7-1 . Under the 
leadership of senior captains Tom Kleber, John 
Kelly, Kyle Swartz and Ian Davis, the male 
harriers made it all the way to the all state 
competition. There were four all stars, Tom 
Kleber, John Kelly, Ian Dav is and Gerson Marmol. 

The girls' team had yet another successful season 
as the team, led by captains Meredith Cammett, 
Kali Lamperelli and Alise Ross, completed 
another undefeated season in the South Shore 
League. League All-Stars included Meredith 
Cammett, Lauren Kilduff, Nicole Nonomura and 
Kristen Burm. With the loss of the talented senior 
harriers, the team looks to younger talents such as 
Kristen Burm, Lauren Kilduff, Anna Kissell and 
Nicole Nonumora to lead the path. 

Back row (left to right): Derek Campanelli, David Boutross, Daniel Campanelli, Nate 
Gordon, Hamish Baxter, Michael Pecararo, Trevor Largent, John Geany, Trevor Caira, Steven 
Burke, Dan Green, Evan Davis, John Andrews, Marshall Wood, Richard Cammett Middle 
Row: Ernie Paulin, Scott Souther, Alex Booth, Ryan Cosgrove, Erik Jarva, Gerson Marmol, 
Gerry Good, Shawn Macintosh Front Row: Tom Kleber, John Kelly, Kyle Swartz, Ian Davis 

* S? S® - Mr > ' >* 

Back Row (left to right): Nicole Nonomura, Lauren Kilduff Coach Martin Middle Row: 
Lindsay Cosgrove, Lauren Kilduff, Arlene Litchfield, Rachel Harvester Front Row: Meredilj 
Cammett, Kali Lamparelli, Alise Ross 

2 76 Harwell High School 

Faculty vs. Student 
Basketball Game 

178 Norwell High School 

180 Norwell High School 

6»rls' Gasfcetbalt 

The Girls' Basketball team had 
a great season. Senior Cap- 
tains Katie Helm, Karen 
Fitzgerald, and Colby Tallman 
led the lady clippers to their 
finishing record 9-11. 
Oustanding underclassmen 
allstars Holly Guastalli and 
Katelin Stravinsky, along with 
juniors Britt Hansen, Lauren 
Strazzula and Rachel Lewis, 
will lead the team next year. 

Back row (left to right): Carolyn Buckley, Britt Hansen,Coach Emerson, Lauren Strazzula ' 
Rachel Lewis, Taylor Murphy Front row: Holly Guastalli, Kristen Capaldo, Karen Fitzgerald 
Colby Tallman, Katie Helm, Katelin Stravinsky 

182 Norwcll Hi%h School 

6oys* Basketball 

Winter Sports 183 


Back row (left to right): Lauren Kelly, Pam Scott, Jenny Allen, Alyssa Richardson, Mikaelaii 
Murphy, Kathryn Ankner, Colleen Shea, Stephanie MorrisMiddle Row: Am, 
Mayhew,Samantha Hagney, Helen Doyle, Bailey Sullivan, Emily Wheeler, Heatheil 
Reed,Lauren Winn, Kathryn Tajima, Lindsay Bohan Front row: — , Liz Murphy, Cassie Lester! 
Allison MacDonald, Carrie O'Donell, Charissa Kerr, Stephanie Pestilli, Erin Phippen, Tristarl 

This winter, Norwell winter 
cheerleaders finished the season 
strong cheering the boys basket- 
ball team until the end in the post 
season. Coached by Janice 
Mazzola, this squad of twenty 
three dedicated girls have been 
practicing in the old Sparrell 
school gym. Senior captains 
Allison MacDonald, Carrie 
O'Donnell and Charissa Kerr 
lead the squad this year. The 
squad has achieved a higher abil- 
ity in their stunts, dances, and 
working as a team. 

184 Norwell High School 


Back Row (left to right): Rachel Riken(assitant coach),Kiersten Shontz, Kaitlin 
Nallyjessica Davies, Carly Arena,Shelley Carterjenn Guiney Kate Carpenter, Me- 
lissa Murphy, Rachel Lewis, Allison Krupczak, Kara Connerty (coach) Middle Row 
(left to right): Erin Kelly, Samantha Rosen, Brittany Tusci, Nancy Durkin, lauren 
Kilduff, CJ Himberg, Jaime Nichols, Lisa Spirito Front Row (left to right): Lyndsey 
Cosgrove, Nicole Devilly 

The Cohasset- Norwell gymnastics team 
had an extremely successful season with 
an undefeated record of 10-0. The team 
was able to capture the Patriot League 
championship and advance onto the 
South Sectional State meet. The team 
placed sixth overall in the South, a 
distinguished place among the 
competiveness of high school gymnasts. 
For success of the gymnastics team was 
primarily due to their talent level among 
all the gymnasts along with the positive 
team spirit. 

Winter Sports 185 


Junior Captains Gerry Good, 
Matt Cimini, and Zack Jacobs 
led a young team, which in- 
cluded nine freshmen, in a 
turn-around season. The clip- 
pers finished with a great 
record of 5-9. This is a team 
with a great future! The enthu- 
siasm and commitment dis- 
played were truly impressive! ! 

Back row (left to right): Ted Kleber, Nate Morena, Zack Jacobs, Mike Rapa, Keitf 
Hatfield, Gerry Good,Kevin Dow, Matt Cimini, Kyle Price, Coach Mott S Front row 
Bill Dooley, Greg Knowles, Dave Neves, Chris Riihimaki, Craig Pacella, Brett Ainslet 
Pete Mery 

186 Norwell High School 

The Hockey Team had a great 
season. Captains Ryan Laffin, 
Rob Weber, and Nick 
McDonough help to lead the 
team to an overall record of 
11-7-2. The team boasted four 
all- stars: Ryan Laffin, Rob 
Weber, Curt Alpert, and Tom 
Sullivan. These players were 
significant help in qualifying 
for the tournament. 


Back row (left to right): Terry Smallcomb, Rob Weber, Nick McDonough,Peter Lindbolm 
Limblom, Paul Snell, Tom Napalitano, Ryan Hines, Andrew McLendon, Kris Tedeschi,Mike 
Guerra Middle row: Jared Shontz, Ryan Laffin, Jeff Burek, Brendan Gilligan, Matt Manning 
Front row (left to right): John Collins, Brian White, Curt Alpert, Tom Sullivan, Myles Clancy, 
Andrew Gallagher, Justin Snell 

Winter Sports 187 

Girls' Track 

The girls' track team had a great 
season despite their lack of 
numbers. The small team, led by 
captains Meredith Cammett, Kali 
Genatossia, and Healy Zanengo 
concentrated on personal 
performances. Michelle Granara 
and Nicole Nonomura along with 
freshman Taylor Huie, Molly 
Dwyer and Michelle Cheever will 
all be counted on to continue the 
teams success in coming years. 

TTT iM i r % '% ~* g*w:f 'I 


Back row (left to right): Tara Burkejaylor Huie,Michelle Cheever, Middle Row: Moll' 

Dwyer, Anya Bahros,Erica Carmody, Liz Jackson, Arline Litchfield Middle Rov 
Michelle Macheras, Arlene Litchfield, Meghan Kelly, Nicole Nonomura Front Rov 
Healy Zanengo, Sam Genatossio, Meredith Cammett, Kali Lamparelli, Kristfl 


188 Norwell High School 

6oyS* Track 

The boys had one of their best 
seaons ever boasting an im- 
pressive record of 4-2 in the 
Patriot League. Led by cap- 
tains Ryan Henry, Tom 
Kleber, Ian Davis, and Pat 
Manning, the team performed 
exceptionally. The team all- 
stars were Tom Kleber, Rich- 
ard Cammett, and Ryan 
Henry. Henry had an amaz- 
ing season qualifying for the 
national indoor competition. 

Back row (left to right): Ryan Henry, Brian Manning, Ian Davisjeremy Hertz, Ernie Paulin 
2nd Row: Tom Kleber, Sam Portnow, Tim Caldwell, Gerson Marmol, Andrew Caldwell, Dan 
Green 3rd Row: Pat Manning, Jason Kulik, Richard Cammett, Eric Romero, Jon Andrews Front 
Row: Coach Murray, Shawn Henry, Andrew O'Donnell, Steve Burke, Alex Bourque 

Winter Sports 189 

The Norwell High School Ski 
Team enjoyed an exciting sec- 
ond year as a varsity sport. 
The team was led by captains 
Tim Helm, Andrew McClean, 
Amanda Grant, and Sarah 
Lawson. They finished fourth 
in the league, and three skiers, 
Brian Schlager, Amada Grant, 
and Sarah Lawson advanced 
to the All-States Meet. 

Ski Team 

Back row (left to right): Tim Nardo, Matt Hanson,Mike Dempsey, Scott Chappell, Pat Hemjl 
ming, John Geany, Derek Campanelli, Mike Matarazzo, Daniel Campanelli,Adam Nogueira' 
Tim Helm, Zach Clemence, Alex Doyle Middle row: Coach Grant, Kaitlyn Long, Blaire Sinsimei i 
Alise Ross, Elizabeth Murphy, Maura Ryan, Sarah Lawson, Jackie Hall, Kristen Burm, Coacm 
Schlager Front Row: Amanda Grant, Andrew McClean, Anna Kissel, Brian Schlager 

190 Norwell High School 

Jl/-(Vesfwian Sports 

Winter Sports 191 


In the winter, the Fourth Wall Players performed two 
one-act comedies - Present Tense and Personal Effects. 
Norwell audiences found both plays wildly funny and 
enjoyed the performances of Bobby Olsen, Ernie Paulin, 
Lara Dennis, Lindsay Cooper, Taryn Sallee, Jarret Kerr, 
Stew Steele, Sam Noble, Rory Nolan, Bryan Gaynor, 
Maria Agata Miselli and Megan Brake. Personal Effects 
was this year's NHS offering at the Massachusetts High 
Schools Drama Guild festival and it impressed the 
judges greatly. We look forward to many more plays 
from this talented company of ours. 

192 Norwell High School 


Back row (left to right):Ms. Brust, Rupsha Biswas, Scott Souther, Kyle Swartz Third Row (left to right): 

Chris Riihimaki, Ricky Wisgirda, Katerina Koutrobis, Alyse Daniel, Katie Valencius Second Row (left to 
right): Ryan Caira, Trevor Caira, Krista Riihimaki, Megan Brake, Rory Nolan Front Row (left to right): 
Alexandra Dalferro, Stewart Steele, Ben King, Jackie Maynard, Lindsay MacCurtain, Hilary Merzbacher 


1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iji 1 1 1 1 1 

Back Row (left to right): Mr. Dargis, Ms. Ward Third Row (left to Right): Helen Doyle, Caroline McKitrick, 
Caroline Sullivan, Chloe Nolan, Hilary Merzbacher Second Row (left to Right): Caitlin Long, Sam Noble, 
Kim Marchand, Mackenzie Shute, Diana Sibald, Alexandra Dalferro Front Row (left to Right): Krista 

Riihimaki, Shenley Meyer, Agata Miselli, Danielle , Sarah Hanson 

194 Norwell High School 

Aft-T CUJG> 

Back row (left to right): Chris Brinjes, Tristan Lawrence, Chris Riihimaki, Jonathan Andrews 
Middle Row (left to right): Ms. Noiseux, Lauren Hackett, Provan Slys, Caroline Sullivan Front 
Row (left to right): Arline Litchfield, Sheela Chandraskekar, Arlene Espiritu, Caitlyn Long 

Back Row (Left to Right): Kaitlyn Long, Caroline Sullivan, Carly Arena, Sam Rosen, Liz Bailey, 
Alexandra Patterino Middle Row (Left to Right): Ms.Connerty, Christina Marchand, Taylor Huie, Kim 
Marchand, Helen Doyle, Dianna Berlo, Dorina D'Esops, Ms. Field Front Row (Left to Right): Karen 
Fitzgerlad, Katie Helm, Ben Flynn, Sara Harrison, Michelle O'Hara, Katie O'Hara, Jamie Nichols 

Norwell High School 195 


Back Row (left to right): Ricky Wisgirda, Jenna Wright, Brian Blaney, Joey LaCroix Middle Row 
(left to right): Adam Noguiera, Sam Chase, Anthony Reggiannini, Pat Manning Front Row (left 

to right): Myles Clancy, Alex Scott, Jason Raynor, Max Schenkein 


1% Norwell High School 

Back Row (left to right): Ms. Lutchman, Ms. Briggs Fourth Row (left to right): Allison MacDonald, 
Rupsha Biswas, Lindsay MacCurtain, Dorina D'Esopo Third Row (left to right): Kayla Connell, 
Kiersten Shontz, Brett Camara, Haley Mayfield, Heather Reed, Nicole Carson Second Row (left to 
right): Julie Crowe, Maggie Clune, Jamie Regan, Nicole Nonomura, Jessica Baxster, Kayla Prange 
Front Row (left to right): Erin Kelly, Jen Chiasson, Erin Phippen, Liz Murphy, Laura Garvey 

Back Row (left to right): Laura Garvey, Jacqui Maynard, Katherine Ankner Middle Row (left to 
right): Courtney Bergquist, Rupsha Biswas, Jessica Baxter Front Row (left to right): Erin Phippen, 
Alexandra Dalferro, Liz Murphy 

Norwell High School 1 

Back Row (left to right): Ms. Schad, Katherine Ankner, Jacqui Maynard, Adam Noguiera Middle 
Row (left to right): Kathlyn McKitrick, Caroline Sullivan, Caitlin Long, Helen Doyle Front Row 
(left to right): Kim Marchand, Laura Garvey, Johnathan Andrews, Bailey Sullivan 


Back Row (left to right): Briana Deary, Devon Dolabany, Bobby Olsen, Mr. Lacy, Josh Mariano, Lindsay MacCurtain, Matt Kyros 
Third Row (left to right):Tristan Lawrence, Colby Young, Kathryn King, Hilary Merzbacher, Lara Dennis, Krista Riihimaki, Stewart 
Steele, Ernie Paulin, Bryan Gaynor Second Row (left to right): Susan Monteiro, Liz Downey, Jonathan Andrews, Angie Reekie, 
Brittany Lawler, Danielle Stanton, Sarah Brooks, Megan Brake, Amy Wilson Front Row (left to right): Agata Miselli, Sam Noble, Nick 
Tamburon, Chris Riihimaki, Peter Merzbacher, Andrea Belyea, Brittany Tusi, Rory Nolan 

198 Norweti High School 


Back Row (Left to Right): Susanne Monteiro, Lauren Hackett, Jessica Williams, Jessica Baxter, 
Caroline Sullivan, Helen Doyle, Arlene Espiritu Front Row: Ms. Lozan 

Back Row (Left to Right): Cliff Hanson, Matt Aprea, Bryan Gaynor, Steve Deitz, Mike Gomez, 
Sam Portnow, Pete Doolan Front Row(Left to Right): Colin Briggs, Jeremy Sinsimer, Sam 
Kauff, Ernie Paulin 

Norwell High School 

r~ ~ ' . ■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 

Back Row (Left to Right): Brian Schlager, Maura Boyle, Amanda Grant, Veronica Keaveney, Kristen Ayles 
Third Row(Left to Right): Max Schenkein, Kim Marchand, Helen Doyle, Ms. Connerty Second Row (left to right): 
Caitlin McKitrick, Caroline Sullivan, Caitlin Long Front Row (Left to Right): Brian Blaney, Jenna Wright, Anthony 

Back Row (Left to Right): Samantha Noble, Susanne Monteiro, Andrea Richardson Front Row 
(Left to Right): Nicole Logan, Hilary Merzbacher, Liz Downey 

200 Norwell High School 

Back Row (Left to Right): Katerina Koutrobis, Alyse Daniel, Mr. Kenslea Next Row (Left to 
Right): Justin Ivas, Tyler Cooper, Jason Raynor, Mike Rapa Second Row (Left to Right): Scott 
Chappell, Christina Rapa, Katie Valencius, Alex Scott Front Row (Left to Right): Brett Thomas, 
Meredith Cammett, Anthony Reggiannini, Alise Ross 

Liv/e Poets Socicry 

Back Row: Mr. Dinolo Middle Row (Left to Right): Colby Young, Angie Reekie, Arlene Litchfield, 
Sarah Brooks, Danielle Stanton Front Row (Left to Right): Kathryn King, Amy Wilson, Tristan 
Lawrence, Devon Dolabany 

Norwoll High School 201 

Math Tgam 

Back Row (Left to Right): Anthony Reggiannini, Michelle Dewar Middle Row 

(Left to Right): Max Schenkein, Brian Blaney, Susanne Monteiro, Dianna Berlow 

Front Row (Left to Right): Brett Thomas, Alex Borque, AndrewO'Donnell, Matt Lawrence 

Mock 1?ua(_ 

Back Row (Left to Right): Brett Camara, Lauren Winn, Rupsha Biswas 
Front Row (Left to Right): T.J. Rego, Max Schenkein 

202 Norwel) High School 



Back Row (left to right): Angie Reekie, Rupsha Biswas, Katie Helm, Kyle Swartz, Ricky Wisgirda, John 
Kelly, Meredith Cammett, Christina Rapa Middle Row (left to right): Lauren Hackett, Nicole Logan, Jenna 
Wright, Michelle Dewar, Anthony Reggiannini, Alyse Daniel, Pat Manning, Mr. Corbett Front Row (left to 
right): Max Schenkein, Allison MacDonald, Jen Henderson, Sheela Chandrashekar, Katie Valencius, 
Jessica Williams, Stephanie Cafano, Ms. Lozan 

1f4G MAV/CGATOft. 

Back Row (left to right): Nicole Logan, Hilary Merzbacher, Liz Downey, Sheela Chandreshaker, 
Helen Doyle Front Row(left to right): Max Schenkein, Laura Garvey, Andrew O' Donnell, Kim 
Marchand, Caitlin Long, Joey LaCroix 

Norwell High School 203 

Paint G>a<_(_ 

> ■ ■ ■ ■ * i • i • i i i i i ■ i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i m i i 


Back Row (left to right): Derek Campo, Charlie Cannone, Ernie Paulin Third Row (left to right): 
John Geany, Kenton Magown, Evan Davis, Tim Nardo, Dan Campanelli Second Row (left to right): 
Rory Nolan, Provan Slys, Mr. Corbett, Pat O'Leary, Kevin Tierney, Nicole Carson Front Row (left to 

right): Ms. Noiseux, Arlene Espiritu, Tristan Lawrence, Chris Riihimaki, Blair Sinsimmer 

Front Row (Lett to Right): Britt Hansen, Maura Boyle, Adam Noguiera, Myles Clancy, Samantha Rosen, Carly Arena, Jason Raynor, 
Joey LaCroix Middle Row (Left to Right):Allison MacDonald, Jen Henderson, Rupsha Biswas, Lauren Hackett, Jessica Williams, Krista 
Rhiimaki, Sarah Lawson.Max Schenkein Next row (Left to Right): Arlene Espiritu, Mai Lombardi, Mackenzie Shute, Samantha Noble, 
Susanne Monteiro, Courtney Bergquist. Elizabeth Kauff, Veronica Keaveney Front Row (Left to Right): Scott Souther, Willow Newby, 
Alexandra Delfarro, Katie Helm, Karen Fitzgerald, Healy Zanengo, Erin Phippen, Liz Murphy, Sheela Chandreshaker, Hilary Merzbacher 

204 Norwell High School 


Back Row (left to right): Ben Flynn, Christian Jevne, Brian Slattery, Ted Kleber, Tim Begin Fourth Row (left 
to right): TJ Rego, Justin Ivas, Chris Krody, Dave Boutross, Alan Grant, Pat Flemming, Shamus Keohane, 
Steve Cole Third Row (left to right): Mike Rapa, Nick Pero, Greg Milizilen Nick Thompson, Diana Berlo, Chris 
Noble, Alex Doyle, Matt Lawrence, Josh Mariano, Krista Riihimaki Second Row (left to right): Matt Piro, Scott 
Chappell, John Rahman, Matt Hanson, Jeff Dawson 

Student Government 

Back Row (left to right): Genelle Verocchi, Kristen Capaldo, Alex Doyle, Meg O'Hara, Caitlin Long, Rachel 
Thomas, Amy Almeida Fourth Row (left to right): Caitlin Jackson, Kristen Ayles, Amanda Grant, Brian Manning, 
Jacqui Maynard, Laura Garvey Third Row (left to right): Scott Souther, Ricky Wisgirda, Brian Blaney, Pat Manning, 
Max Schenkein Second Row (left to right): Gabby Keaveney, Britt Hanson, Maura Boyle, Jessican Williams, Sheela 
Chandrashekar, Michelle Dewar, Chris Noble Front Row (left to right): Veronica Keaveney, Jacqueline Hall, 
Alexandra Dalferro, Willow Newby, Jamie Nichols, Matt Hanson Nbrwell High School 205 






M / 

Back Row (left to right): David Neves, Jimmy Barrett, Mike Valencius, Dave Hassell 
Middle Row (left to right): Chris Riihimaki, Craig Pacella, Mike Pelliter, Alex Bourque 
Front Row (left to right): Colin Briggs, Nicole Logan, Taylor Huie, Krista RHhimaki, Agata 

Miselli ^^^^^^ 

Back Row (Left to Right)- Tommy (Guide), Andrew Leahy (Hanover), Patrick Kelly, Zachary Clemence Doug 
^^^rtsiote. Mafihew Lawrence Midd.e Row (Left to ^ight)^ Adam N^^^jj*: 
Hilary Merzbacher, Mai Lombardi, Lindsay Erickson, Caroline Sullivan, Becky (Guide) Front Row (Left to Right). 

Jacki Maynard, Andrea Richardson, Mr. Mahoney, Ms. Lozan, Jeremy Smsimer 

206 Norwell High School 

P^gsumgw Class Oppiceft.s 

President:Rachel Thomas, Vice President: Elizabeth Hathaway, Secretary: Amy Almeida, 
Treasurer Leyla Ziad, Historian (not pictured): Julianne Gilman 

Vice President:Jacki Maynard, President: Brian Manning, Treasurer: Ross Perry, 
Secretary: Meghan O'Hara, Historian: Alyssa Murphy 

Norwcll High School 207 


President: Mike Gomez, Secretary: Caitlin Jackson, Treasurer:Britt 
Hanson, Vice President: Maura Boyle,Historian:Kristen Ayles 

Sgnjioo. Class Opfccgg-s 

Historian:Jenna Wright, President: Sam Chase, Secretary: Sheela 

Treasurer: Katie Helm, Vice President: Jessica Williams 

208 Norwell High School 

Back Row (Left to Right):Ms. Schad, Arlene Espiritu, Liz Kauff, Mrs. Kelliher 

Front Row (Left to Right):Stephanie Cafano, Healy Zanengo, Provan Slys, Willow Newby 

ADV/ISOft^S: Ucls. Keu_(f4£a. & Ms.Scuad 

Managing Editors-. mgalv ^amemgo & 

Aft-T EDITORS: Lcz kAUPP & Cuagjssa KGfxa. 

PfJOTO EDITOR: Pplovan Scvs 

CANDIDS EDITORS: Ag.L£M£ £sP(fUT<j & KI«_<_okj 


Guess Who? 

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right) 

Page 8: P. Dunn, S. Gilmore, K. Mclnnis, A. Ulmer, M. Gerety, M. Herman, M. Atkinson, S. Mott, 
A. Keating, C. Lacy, J. Schad, M. Devine, S. Boyer, S. Mahoney. 

Page 9: M. Kelliher, M. Connor, J. Field, M. Murray, P. DiNolo, A. Lozan, J. Doherty, M. Brust, 
L. Rheault, M. Corbett, B. Giordano, M. Briggs, K. Connerty, L. Sharpe 

Norwell High School 209 


J.E. Fitzgerald Housesmith, Inc. 

P.O. Box 129 • 80 Central Street 
Norwell, Massachusetts 02061 

(781) 659-4400 • (781) 871-8842 • fax (781) 659-7790 


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Funeral Homes 

Family Owned Since 1820 

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30 Central St. 
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1 Summer St. 
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Fax 781-383-2967 


amd -me Class op IQMili 

SUE: CQtJG&tti 


212 Norwell High School 




OASS OP 200+!!! 

?>£ST W&H£S> AV&> <50OS> LOCK! 



Norwell High School 





Joseph's Pontiac 


724 Main Street — Box 1 65 
Norwell, MA 02061 

(781) 659-2671 


Norwell High School 

Ads 219 


Norwell High School 

Class of 2004! 

St. Helen's Parish 
Father Maguire - Pastor 

The Nor well Men's Club 

Congratulates tKe 
Class of 2004! 

Good luck and 
keep up tKe Hard work! 

Ads 221 



78 1-87 1-2 lO 1 

Congratulations AMrwoMy and tue Class op 20CWf 

Love, Mom, Dad, and A<_(cia 

222 Norwell High School 



S. Chandrashekar, RE. 

775 Pleasant Street #14 
East Weymouth, MA 02189 
Phone: (781) 337-8347 
Fax:( 781) 337-2952 


We are very proud of you, 

Congratulations to you 
and the Class of 200U! 

With love, 

Mom, Dad, Sharmila, 
Lavanya, Sharat, 
Tharesh, Sahana, 
Vikram, and Leela 

Congratulations Joshua & the class of 2004 


The Best Kept Secret on the South Shore 

Have your special occasion 
at a Private Golf Club and Country Estate 

Prestigious Third Cliff location 
Sited on the majestic North River in Scituate 

91 Driftway, Scituate MA 02066 - 

Norwell High School 223 



9t* It 6tA memntMmtmi* f°-+ wttti* tt*mtt> wdM >Mak 

New England Curtain 

few frmty own«d 1 op*rtt*d <3*cortting ctnfr lor^gytrt 

26) M'ASHrNtTTON ST, REAR OF BUX1. KT 5). NORWELL • m*Y)1911 
WIU IO-(t. THUR&, FW.. SAT. 10-S. SUN. 12-5 

Class of 2004! 

Good Luck 
Class of 




We Belong To You. ™ 

Elizabeth Schwerin 

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Fax (781 ) 871-2901 Norwell, MA 02061 

Congratulations, Alex, 
to you and all of your frlendal 

Wis ara eo proud of you. 



Good Luck 
Class of 2004! 

Way to go 
Jen, Colby, Carrie, 
and Nate! 

Mum, Pad, 
Abby, Nick, 
and Harry 






707 MAIN ST. 




224 Norwell High School 

Congratulations Sam 
and the 
Class of 20041 

* Stars and Stripes 
Forever! *M 

With love, 
Mom, Dad, 
Sarah, and Suzanne 

best wngss: 


' u wiiiliiia 

Since 1973 

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©OSSiS^f W&MR MM% M^f f MnissniFHiiEo® 


5. d3enoit) <2). 7^/.<2). 

Family Dentistry 

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Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 2004! 


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An independent, multi-specialty group practice 
We accept most maior insurance plans, 
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affiliated with 

South Shore 

Congratulations Liz and 
tAa Claee of 2004I 

226 Norwell High School 

Norwell High School 227 

Congrats MaxI 


Love, Mom, Dad, 
and Emily 

228 Norwell High School 

<- A European heat wave 
in August claims more 
than 19,000 lives, 
making it one of the 
world's deadliest 
hot-weather disasters. 

«- The World Health 
Organization reports 
that severe acute 
respiratory syndrome 
(SARS) infected more 
than 8,000 people in 
over 25 countries, 
killing 700. 

battle Southern 
California's wildfires 
for only $1 an hour. 

-> At a St. Louis dog 
shelter, Cain, a 
one-year-old mutt, 
survives tranquilization 
and a trip to the gas 
chamber and is then 
adopted by the animal 
shelter owner. 

<- Comedian Robin Williams 
travels to Baghdad to 
lighten the spirits of U S. 
troops as he kicks off a 
holiday tour of U.S. bases 
in the Middle East. 

<- While aboard the International 
Space Station, Russian cosmonaut 
Yuri Malenchenko marries his 
American girlfriend by video link 
in the first "space wedding." 

"T* Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi 
wins the 2003 Nobel Peace 
Prize for human rights activism 
as she fights to improve the 
status of refugees, women 
and children in Iran. 

<r Golfer Tom Watson donates 
his $1 million Charles Schwab 
Cup winnings to fund research 
for Lou Gehrig's disease, 
which has stricken his caddie, 
Bruce Edwards. 

• In June, pet prairie 
dogs in Wisconsin. 
Illinois and Indiana 
infect people with 
monkeypox after 
being infected by a 
giant Gambian rat 
while in transit. 

-> Federal workers in 
Washington kill a herd 
of 449 calves that 
include the offspring 
of a Holstein infected 
with mad cow disease. 

than 3.5 million people as it wreaks havoc 
on the nation's eastern seaboard. 

Wirbara SlrnarJova/Ptioto Researches 

<- North American trees 
are threatened by Asian 
longhorned beetles, 
which allegedly arrived 
in Chinese wooden 
packing material. 

<- In August, Mars' orbit brings 
it closer to Earth than it has 
been in 60,000 years. 


1 s American scientists discover 
the deterioration of the 
atmosphere's ozone layer is 
slowing. The 1996 worldwide 
ban on CFC gases is credited 
for the improvement. 

<- Keiko, star of the Free Willy 
movies, dies of pneumonia 
at the age of 27. 

-> The pulse-pounding 
CBS hit "The Amazing 
Race" wins the 
inaugural Emmy 
Award for Best 
Reality Program. 

-» America bids tarewell 
to the cast of "Friends" 
after the NBC sitcom's 
10th and final season. 

4, In February 2004, 
CBS airs "Survivor: 
All-Stars," starring past 
"Survivor" winners and 

^41 Jessica Simpson, star of MTV's 
"Newlyweds" with husband 
Nick Lachey, makes entertainment 
headlines for mistaking Chicken 
of the Sea tuna for chicken. 

Stephen Chetnin/AP/Wide World Photos I 


1 s Famous for "Three's Company" 
and star of ABC's "Eight 
Simple Rules for Dating My 
Teenage Daughter," actor 
John Ritter dies suddenly from 
heart failure in September. 

<- "Alias" star Jennifer Garner 
earns high viewer ratings for 
ABC TV and lights up the big 
screen in 13 Going on 30. 


• In December, 
Rolling Stones' 
legendary lead 
singer Mick Jagger, 
60, is knighted by 
Prince Charles. 

-> Role-playing games 
like "Star Wars: 
Knights of the Old 
Republic" find 
mainstream success 
on consoles. 

* injk&eitfu 

<- Pop diva-turned-author 
Madonna releases two children's 
books: The English Roses and 
Mr. Peabody's Apples. Her third 
book, Yakov and the Seven 
Thieves, arrives in late winter. 

<- Hugh Jackman of X2: X-Men 
United showcases his singing 
ability on Broadway in 
The Boy from Oz. 

i 'A 

On CBS's "Late Show" host David 
Letterman, 56, announces the 
November birth of his first child, 
a baby boy. 

<- After the success of his 
best-selling fantasy novel Eragon: 
Inheritance, author Christopher 
Paolini, 19, begins writing the 
much-anticipated sequel. 

" tj£fj <r St. John's University coach John 
Gagliardi, 77. leads his team to an 
undefeated NCAA Division III Football 
National Championship while also 
setting the NCAA Football record for 
coaching victories with 414. 

Champion surfer Bethany Hamilton, 13, loses her arm in a shark 
attack. Just 10 weeks later, Hamilton places fifth in her age group 
at a National Scholastic Surfing Association meet in January 2004. 


Death-defying tricks and thrills bring the extreme sports 
craze to new heights at the January 2004 EXPN Winter 
X Games VIII in Aspen. Colorado. 



<- Matt Kenseth claims the 
NASCAR Winston Cup Series 
championship, after leading 
the standings through a 
record 33 races. 

^ Freddy Adu, 14, becomes the 
youngest American pro team 
athlete in over 100 years when 
he signs with D.C. United of 
Major League Soccer. 

<- League MVP Tim Duncan and 
David Robinson — in his final 
game — lead the San Antonio 
Spurs to the 2003 NBA title 
with a 4-2 series win over 
the New Jersey Nets. 


-> In his first of a number 
of trials in several 
states, a Virginia jury 
sentences D C. area 
sniper Lee Boyd 
Matvo, 18, to life 
without parole. 

i> r» il 

Mother Teresa 
of Calcutta is 
beatified by 
Pope John 
Paul II in Vatican 
City. This marks 
the final step 
before sainthood 
in the Roman 
Catholic Church. 

1> The Pentagon releases decks of 55 cards to U.S. 
soldiers that feature the most-wanted Iraqi leaders. 
Dictator Saddam Hussein is the Ace of Spades. 

-> After winning 64 
career titles, including 
14 grand slam events, 
and a record six years 
ranked No. 1 , tennis 
great Pete Sampras 
retires at the U.S. 
Open in August 


-> Teen star Hilary Dufl 
tops off her successful 
movie debut. 77?e 
Lizzie McGuire Movie. 
with a hit pop album. 
Metamorphosis, and 
a nationwide tour